Quiz 084

Quiz 084

1 Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks took refuge in which country’s embassy?
2 What meat is generally used to make a wiener schnitzel?
3 Which superhero was played by Dean Cain on TV in the 1990’s?
4 According to the 2011 Census, English & Welsh are the most common 1st languages; which is 3rd?
5a Who sailed round the world single handed in 1966 & 1967 in Gypsy Moth IV?
5b Who sailed round the world single handed in 1967 & 1968 in Lively Lady?
6 What is the name of the gas & electricity regulator?
7 Which car manufacturer uses the slogan “Simply clever” in its advertising?
8 Which 3 cities are the largest in Australia?
9 In films where was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?
10 The first stage of the Tour de France began in Yorkshire between which 2 towns?
11 How many ounces are in a stone?
12 What trade name did Bayer give to the analgesic drug diamorphine?
13 12 Downing Street is the official residence of who?
14 Which BBC radio station is the only one that broadcasts on Long Wave?
15 What are the 5 colours of the balls used in the UK Lotto draws?
16 Who succeeded De Gaulle as President of France?
17 In 1933 George Orwell wrote a novel called Down and Out in …. which 2 European cities?
18 Anagrams – Purplish red colour named after a battle & a person of power & influence?
19 Which 4 cities have hosted the summer Olympics twice?
20 In which fictional village did Miss Marple live?
21 Atomic (Blondie),Bang Bang (Cher), Boom Bang-a-Bang (Lulu) were banned by the BBC in 1990 – why?
22 Who wrote the nonsense poem On The Ning Nang Nong?
23 Which annual sports tounament is played at Roland Garros?
24 Van Rijn is the surname of which Dutch painter?
25 David Lee Roth is the lead singer of which American rock band?
26 .au, .se & .za are used at the end of internet domain names for which countries?
27 Richard Keil played which James Bond baddie?
28 What kind of creatures live in a formicary?
29 How many English monarchs were fathered by Henry VIII?
30 Who hosts these current TV quiz shows – Tipping Point, Perfection, All Star Family Fortunes?


1 Ecuador
2 Veal
3 Superman
4 Polish
5a Francis Chichester
5b Alec Rose
7 Skoda
8 Sydney Melbourne Brisbane
9 India
10 Leeds & Harrogate
11 224
12 Heroin
13 Government Chief Whip
14 Radio 4
15 Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, White
16 Georges Pompidou
17 Paris & London
18 Magenta Magnate
19 Paris London Los Angeles Athens
20 St Mary Mead
21 Offensive during the first Gulf War
22 Spike Milligan
23 Tennis French Open
24 Rembrandt
25 Van Halen
26 Australia, Sweden, South Africa
27 Jaws
28 Ants
29 3 (Edward VI Elizabeth I Mary I)
30 Ben Shephard, Nick Knowles, Vernon Kay

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