Quiz 083

Quiz 083

1 In the UK how many albums need to be sold to achieve a gold disc?
2 Which dessert , French in origin , literally means “white food”?
3 In which sport do competitors put their lips to the kissing point?
4 Ant Lee Duncan & Simon are the 4 members of which boy band?
5 If a husband was to caress his wife’s “vomer” where would he have to insert his finger?
6 Which British organisation publishes a magazine called Walk?
7 Of all the Beatles No 1 singles – which is the only one with a single word title?
8 After the crash of the space shuttle Columbia – how many shuttles did NASA have left?
9a Which of the Mister men is orange and has long snake like arms?
9b Which of the Mister men has bandages on his head and body?
9c Which of the Mister Men is the only one who is white?
10 In which county did the great train robbery take place?
11 Which city has a police department devoted solely to dealing with motorists who drive into canals?
12 Bilateral pre-orbital haematoma is more commonly known as what?
13 Who was the first person to get drunk in the Bible?
14 What was completed in the USA in 1926 and is 2448 miles long?
15 Based on UK cinema attendances what were the top 4 films according to the British Film Institute?
16 Name the song – You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it.
17 What did Barbie doll get in 2000 which it didn’t have before?
18 Who was the last British Prime Minister not to have a wife?
19 Which non-human act have spent the most weeks in the UK charts?
20 Illinois second biggest city and an American TV detective share what name?
21 What is the only English weekday that is an anagram of another English word?
22 Which part of the body is generally the dirtiest?
23 Who scored 5000 goals between 1954 and 1993?
24 Which French vegetable dish is based on aubergines courgettes peppers and tomatoes?
25 According to a recent survey what is the most popular location for a Sunday family outing?
26 Which bone in the body is most frequently broken?
27 How much was it to get into see the Woodstock Music Festival – 10 18 or 24 dollars?
28 What was the capital of Scotland before 1437?
29 In Buckingham Palace who or what are called Holly & Willow?
30 What are the names of the 5 Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds?


1 100,000
2 Blancmange
3 Archery
4 Blue
5 Nose
6 Ramblers Association
7 Help!
8 3 – Altantis Discovery Endeavour
9a Mr Tickle
9b Mr Bump
9c Mr Snow
10 Buckinghamshire
11 Amsterdam
12 Black eye
13 Noah Genesis 9 Verse 21
14 Route 66
15 Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs , Star Wars
16 Thriller
17 Belly button
18 Margaret Thatcher
19 Wombles
20 Rockford
21 Monday (Dynamo)
22 Face
23 Roy of the Rovers
24 Ratatouille
25 Supermarket
26 Collar Bone
27 24 dollars
28 Perth
29 The Queen’s corgis
30 Scott Gordon Virgil John Alan

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