Quiz 081

Quiz 081

1 Which American writer described golf as a good walk spoiled?
2 What line precedes “walk upon England’s mountains green”?
3 When Michael Jackson first performed the moonwalk on TV what song was he singing?
4 Shown on TV in 2001 what was the sequel to Walking With Dinosaurs?
5 Who broke John Walker’s world mile record in 1979?
Foodie Films
6 According to a 1991 film what was the cafe where you could have Fried Green Tomatoes?
7 Which animated 2009 film & sequel is about a town where food falls from the sky like rain?
8 What kind of machine did Mrs Tweedy buy to increase the farm’s profits?
9 The Charlton Heston film Soylent Green was about Soylent Green, a food made from what?
10 What kind of soup was the title of a 1933 Marx Brothers film?
11 What is the most common international crime?
12 What kind of guns were targeted in the Violent Crimes Bill of 2006?
13 Which former jockey became more famous for writing crime novels?
14 What crime did Kristen Shepherd commit on TV in 1980?
15 Who were jailed for murdering Jack the Hat McVitie & George Cornell?
3 Points Each
16 All named after flowers, what were Hyacinth’s 3 sisters called in Keeping Up Appearances?
17 Starting from the top what three colours are on the Russian flag?
18 Brunel designed three ships all called Great – what were they?
19 What are the three weapons used in the sport of fencing?
20 Which 3 football teams were part of the original Football League AND the first Premier League?
General Knowledge
21 Which band leader was known as the King of Swing?
22 England play Costa Rica next week, what is the official language of Costa Rica?
23 Which female swimmer won 2 gold & 1 silver medal for GB at the 2012 Paralympics?
24 What colour is Scooby Doo’s collar?
25 What was Slade’s last number one single?
26 What was Long John Silver’s job on board the Hispaniola in Treasure Island?
27 What is the surname of the Jedward twins?
28 Who was the escaped slave who pulled a thorn from a lion’s claw according to an old fable?
29 Who took over the Presidency from Richard Nixon?
30 Which Carry On film centred round the Wedded Bliss Dating Agency?


1 Mark Twain
2 “and did those feet in ancient time”
3 Billie Jean
4 Walking With Beasts
5 Seb Coe
6 Whistle Stop Cafe
7 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
8 Pie making machine
9 People
10 Duck Soup
11 Smuggling
12 Replica
13 Dick Francis
14 Shot JR in Dallas
15 The Krays
16 Violet Rose Daisy
17 White Blue Red
18 Eastern Western Britain
19 Epee Foil Sabre
20 Aston Villa Blackburn Rovers Everton

21 Benny Goodman
22 Spanish
23 Ellie Simmons
24 Blue
25 Merry Christmas Everybody
26 Cook
27 Grimes
28 Androcles
29 Gerald Ford
30 Carry On Loving

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