Quiz 080

Quiz 080

In The Garden
1 Who won the first series of Britain’s Got Talent?
2 Which former US President had an exhibition of his paintings of world leaders this year?
3 Which French town is regarded as the world’s capital of perfume?
4 What was the name of the teacher of 5C in Please Sir!?
5 Which town in Dorset is well known for its distinctive pottery?
6 Which Asian team surprised everyone at the 1966 World Cup by beating Italy 1-0 at Ayresome Park?
7 Who did Nadal beat to win the French Open for the 9th time this year?
8 What was the name of the Ice Hockey Team based at Billingham Forum until 2009?
9 Somerset born David Bryant was a world champion at which sport?
10 Which American baseball team is called the White Sox?
11 What is England’s most southerly National Park?
12 Padstow in Cornwall lies on which river with an animals name?
13 Which Brazilian city has the highest population?
14 Which country is known as the Rainbow Nation?
15 St Martin’s, Tresco & St Mary’s are the main islands in which group of islands?
16 Which bank & former Building Society has a cash machine located in the corner shop in Corrie?
17 Jane & Michael Banks are the 2 children in which well known Disney film?
18 Most of the eastern border of the West Bank in Israel is formed by which river?
19 Banksy, the graffiti artist, began his painting career in which West Country city?
20 DCI Banks is played by which actor in the TV series?
General Knowledge
21 In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968?
22 What type of creature is a cichlid?
23 What is the title of the 2001 film starring Russell Crowe about mathematician John Nash?
24 The drama series Boys from the Black Stuff was set in which city?
25 ET is the international car registration for which country?
26 Which magician used the stage name The Great Suprendo?
27 In which city would you find Coppergate Shopping Centre?
28 Hg is the chemical symbol for which element?
29 What do you have to be to get on the Independent on Sunday newspaper’s Pink List?
30 What was the name of the talking cat in Sabrina The Teenage Witch?


1 Paul Potts
2 George W Bush
3 Grasse
4 Bernard Hedges
5 Poole
6 North Korea
7 Novak Djokovic
8 Billingham Bombers
9 Bowls (Indoor & outdoor)
10 Chicago
11 Dartmoor
12 Camel
13 Sao Paolo
14 South Africa
15 Scilly isles
16 Nationwide
17 Mary Poppins
18 Jordan
19 Bristol
20 Stephen Tompkinson
21 Memphis
22 Fish
23 A Beautiful Mind
24 Liverpool
25 Egypt
26 Geoffrey Durham
27 York
28 Mercury
29 Gay
30 Salem

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