Quiz 079

Quiz 079

1 The leaves of which tree are used as the logo of the National Trust?
2a What natural construction gave its name to a 60s hairdo?
2b What fish’s name describes a hairstyle short at the front & long at the back popular in the 70s & 80s?
3 What is the name of the official who announces the result at UK elections?
4 What is the name given to the carved & inscribed bone or ivory usually by sailors?
5 By air which European capital city is nearest to London?
6 How many lives does each contestant start with in The Cube?
7 Mart Pellow, Simon LeBon, Tony Hadley & Phil Oakey were the lead singers with which bands?
8 How many people are there in a Tug of War Team by the formal rules?
9 The gas Nitrous Oxide is more commonly known as what?
10 Which cartoon character is associated with the phrase “Drat and double drat”?
11 According to the film title, what did the scientist Wayne Szalinski do in a 1989 Disney film?
12 Which author wrote the Kate Hannigan & Mallen series of novels?
13a What kind of acid accumulates in the muscles after excess exercise?
13b Which acid occurs naturally in the human stomach (not gastric)?
14 Which British sitcom set in Liverpool featured a character called Lilo Lil?
15 Who are regarded as the Big 6 energy companies in the UK?
16 What type of creature is a turnstone?
17 The character Soloman Northup appears in which 2013 film?
18 Which English football club has won the European Cup more times than the League title?
19 What were the last 4 states to join the United States?
20 Which TV series is filmed in Springbrook National Park in Queensland?
21 In sterling silver 7.5% is which other metal?
22 Which 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet form the name of an airline?
23a Which nursery rhyme features the line “7, 8 lay them straight”?
23b In the nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue where are the sheep and the cow?
24 In which James Bond film did a Rolls Royce with the number plate AU 1 feature?
25 What kind of creature was the cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw?
26 Made famous in Harry Potter which object was thought to turn base metal into gold?
27 Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison & Kurt Cobain all died at which age?
28 Which sport has been the subject of the most films?
29 Special Edition World Cup M & M’s are in which 3 colours?
30 Whose last films were Carry On Dick, The Shootist, The Hunter?


1 Oak
2a Beehive
2b Mullet
3 Returning Officer
4 Scrimshaw
5 Brussels
6 Nine
7 Wet Wet Wet, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Human League
8 Eight
9 Laughing gas
10 Dick Dastardly
11 Shrunk the kids
12 Catherine Cookson
13a Lactic acid
13b Hydrochloric acid
14 Bread
15 British Gas, nPower, Eon, EDF, Scottish Power, SSE
16 Bird
17 12 Years A Slave
18 Nottingham Forest
19 Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico
20 I’m A Celebrity….
21 Copper
22 KLM
23a One Two Buckle My Shoe
23b The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn
24 Goldfinger
25 Horse
26 Philosopher’s Stone
27 27
28 Boxing
29 Blue Green Yellow
30 Sid James, John Wayne, Steve McQueen



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