Quiz 075

Quiz 075

Film & TV
1 The film company Pixar uses what piece of equipment as the letter I in their titles?
2 Brian the Robot advertises what on TV?
3 Which letter of the alphabet did Rimmer have on his forehead in Red Dwarf?
4 Which Jim Carrey film featured a dolphin called Snowflake?
5 What were the names of the 3 cousins in The Dukes of Hazzard?
6 Before your meal if you were nibbling on a grissini in an Italian restaurant what would you be eating?
7 Which city derives its name from the term for new town?
8 Which motor racing circuit lies about 16km northeast of Milan?
9 Lake Lugano is on the border between Italy & which other country?
10 Which city outside Italy has more Irish than Dublin, more Italians than Rome & more Jews than Tel Aviv?
11 Who said in July 1969 “Houston, Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed”?
12 What name is given to the high speed winds found about 6 miles above the Earth’s surface?
13 What type of acid is in acid rain?
14 Which volcanic rock floats on water?
15 What gas is normally used in disposable cigarette lighters?
16 In 1363 Edward III decreed we should all practice which sport at least once a week?
17 Which RAF pilot scored 49 tries for England between 1984 & 1996?
18 Who was sacked as the England soccer team manager in May 1974?
19 Who was the first boxer to receive a knighthood?
20 Which 3 member countries of the International Olympic Committee were not invited to the 1948 London Olympics?
General Knowledge
21 Name any year when Dick Turpin was alive?
22 Which country singer was nicknamed the Man in Black?
23 The film and book ‘Ring of Bright Water’ told the story of which kind of creature?
24 Who was the first female to read the 9 o’clock news on the BBC?
25 In which country have the bones of the largest ever dinosaur been found?
26 In which town do Wallace & Grommit live?
27 Davy Crocket’s hat was made from the skin of which animal?
28 Which well known sporting event takes place every year in the London postcode area SW19?
29 What is the most popular female kissogram character in the UK?
30 Where in the world does the wind only blow from the north?


1 Desk lamp
2 Confused.com
3 H
4 Ace Ventura Pet Detective
5 Bo, Luke & Daisy
6 Bread Stick
7 Naples (Neapolis)
8 Monza
9 Switzerland
10 New York
11 Buzz Aldrin
12 Jet Stream
13 Sulphuric
14 Pumice
15 Butane
16 Archery
17 Rory Underwood
18 Sir Alf Ramsey
19 Henry Cooper
20 Germany Italy Japan
21 1706 to 1739
22 Johnny Cash
23 Otter
24 Angela Rippon
25 Argentina
26 Wigan
27 Racoon
28 Wimbledon
29 Policewoman
30 South Pole


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