Quiz 068

Quiz 068

1 What colour is diamond dust?
2 Would an icicle be classed as a stalagmite or a stalactite?
3 Henry the Third laid 3 barleycorns end to end and by doing so defined what measurement?
4 Rickets is caused by the lack of which vitamin?
5 Which 2 elements make up pure sand?
No Longer With Us
6 From which palace did the funeral procession for Princess Diana start?
7 Who is Britains highest earning dead musician?
8 Which radio & TV presenter who passed away last year hosted the TV show Juke Box Jury?
9 Clarence was the last TV sitcom starring which comedy legend who died in 2005?
10 Are these celebrities still alive or still dead – Zsa Zsa Gabor Michael Winner Kirk Douglas Clive Dunn?
11 Illinois’ second biggest city and an American TV detective share what name?
12 A TV soap character has been a Bates, a Sullivan, a Fairclough, a Littlewood – what is she called now?
13 Which TV comedian had characters called Kitchener Lampwick & Camp Clarence?
14 Who played Sandra in the Liver Birds?
15 In some classic TV ads who did Leonard Rossiter pour his drink over and what was it?
Food and Drink
16 What name is given to French brandy that has been distilled twice?
17 What kind of milk is an essential ingredient in Thai cooking?
18 Which drink was Churchill talking about when he said:- ” In victory you deserve it, in defeat you need it”?
19 What meat product appears in a Punch & Judy Show?
20 Can you name 3 flavours of Tango currently on sale in the UK?
General Knowledge
21 Amy Winehouse had a 2006 hit with Back to which colour?
22 What in 1893 was the first ready to eat breakfast cereal?
23 Which western themed musical does There’s No Business Like Show Business feature?
24 Tawny owls are not found on the Isle of Man because they won’t fly over water – true or false?
25 What colour cap is worn by an English cricketer capped for his country?
26 What was the nickname of Citizen Smith?
27 Which writer and presenter with an eccentric manner was known as Botanic Man?
28 Which human organ was the first to be transplanted successfully?
29 Which rugby union club has the same name as the enemies of the Crusaders?
30 Which European capital city does Cliff Richard & pals drive to in a bus in Summer Holiday?


1 Black
2 Stalactite
3 Inch
4 Vitamin D
5 Silicon & Oxygen
6 Kensington Palace
7 John Lennon
8 David Jacobs
9 Ronnie Barker
10 Alive (97) Dead (2013 – 78) Alive (98) Dead (2012 – 92)
11 Rockford
12 Rita Tanner
13 Dick Emery
14 Nerys Hughes
15 Joan Collins & Cinzano
16 Cognac
17 Coconut
18 Champagne
19 Sausages
20 Orange Blackcurrant Apple Cherry Citrus
21 Black
22 Shredded wheat
23 Annie get Your Gun
25 Blue
26 Wolfie
27 David Bellamy
28 Kidney
29 Saracens
30 Athens

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