Quiz 066

Quiz 066

Some of these have been resurrected from previous quizzes due to time constraints.

1 Which TV comedy duo lived in Oil Drum Lane?
2 What type of oil is used in oil painting?
3 Which American state produces the most oil?
4 Shelley Duvall played Olive Oyl in the film Popeye, who played Popeye?
5 What are the 3 most popular types of cooking oil?
6 Ian Smith was premier of which African country which declared independence illegally in the 60’s?
7 Mary Whitehouse created the NVLA – what did the L stand for?
8 Which UK number one begins “The taxman’s taken all my dough”?
9 Who did Lulu marry in February 1969?
10 What was the name of the call girl involved with MP John Profumo in the early 1960’s?
All Square
11 What is the Italian word for a square or market place?
12 In which square is St Basil’s Cathedral?
13 In which small town in a children’s TV puppet series did Mrs Corbett sell flowers in the square?
14 Which English comedy legend played the double of a German general in the film the 1958 Square Peg?
15 Which square was the centre of student protests in 1989 featuring a famous confrontation with a tank?
16 Who was the first person to hold the world record for the mile, 1500m and 800m at the same time?
17 Which annual race is 4 miles and 374 yards long?
18 Where do Newcastle Falcons play their home games?
19 Uruguay won the first ever football World Cup but which other South American country did they beat in the final?
20 Who were the last 2 female British players to win a tennis Grand Slam singles event?
General Knowledge
21 What colour is the right hand stripe on the Belgian flag?
22 How many strings are there on a standard ukelele?
23 Which South American country is named after a precious metal?
24 Which British TV character opened a chain of shops called Grot?
25 What nationality is the artist Jack Vettriano?
26 What was the previous name of the insurance company Aviva?
27 Which late US actor’s real name was Bernie Schwartz?
28 Chief Superintendent Strange was which TV detectives boss?
29 Filbert Fox is the mascot of which football club?
30 The island of Formosa is now known as what?


1 Steptoe & Son
2 Linseed Oil
3 Alaska
4 Robin Williams
5 Rapeseed Olive Sunflower
6 Rhodesia
7 Listeners
8 Sunny Afternoon (Kinks)
9 Maurice Gibb
10 Christine Keeler
11 Piazza
12 Red Square Moscow
13 Trumpton
14 Norman Wisdom
15 Tiananmen Square Beijing
16 Sebastian Coe
17 University Boat Race
18 Kingston Park
19 Argentina
20 Virginia Wade Sue Barker
21 Red
22 Four
23 Argentina
24 Reggie Perrin
25 Scottish
26 Norwich Union
27 Tony Curtis
28 Morse
29 Liecester City
30 Taiwan

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