Quiz 065


Quiz 065

1 Which 3 birds are used for the names of pedestrian crossings in the UK?
2 DOT DASH in Morse Code should lead you to which scifi movie of 1982?
3 Who was the last Welshman to win the Snooker World Championship?
4 Which washing powder’s name is actually French for parsley?
5 Which 2 Scottish Clans were involved in the Massacre at Glencoe in 1692?
6 Which Hollywood film star advertises EE on TV?
7 If there are 36 black keys on a piano, how many white keys are there?
8 In which city is the trial of Oscar Pistorius taking place?
9 Who play The Earl of Emsworth & his wife Lady Constance in Blandings on BBC1?
10 Mickey Rooney passed away this week; how many times was he married- 6,7 or 8?
11 Where in the UK is the most northerly horse racing venue?
12 Don’t Laugh At Me Cos I’m A Fool was the theme song of which British comedy actor?
13 Constance and Oliver are the two lover’s in which controversial novel?
14 On which special day did Prince Philip become Duke of Edinburgh?
15 Who played the following parts in The Great Escape – Cooler King, Scrounger, Big X?
16 Penzance until 2012 had a helicopter service to which islands?
17 Which occupants of the White House were involved in a scandal involving the property company Whitewater?
18 In early cinema how long did a 2 reeler last – 20, 30 or 60 minutes?
19 Janette & Ian are better known as which double act?
20 What colour are the gates on a skiing slalom course?
21 Apart from the alphabet & numbers, what 3 words are written on a Ouija Board?
22 With which manufacturer would you associate the advertising phrase “The Appliance of Science”?
23 Which 2 countries occupy the Iberian Peninsula?
24 In which Ian Fleming novel does the dog Edison feature?
25 What is the cheapest property on a Monopoly Board?
26 Who was the only British female singer to have 3 number one singles in the 60s?
27 Oil of cloves was often used to relieve the pain of what?
28 Which 2 girls names appear in song titles on the Beatles Sgt Pepper album?
29 Whose marriage to Russell Brand ended in divorce in February 2012?
30 Who were the last 3 Americans to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title?


1 Pelican Puffin Toucan
2 ET
3 Mark Williams
4 Persil
5 MacDonalds & Campbells
6 Kevin Bacon
7 52
8 Pretoria
9 Timothy Spall & Jennifer Saunders
10 8
11 Perth
12 Norman Wisdom
13 Lady Chatterley’s Lover
14 His wedding day
15 Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough
16 Scilly Isles
17 The Clintons
18 20 minutes
19 Krankies
20 Red & blue
21 Yes, No & Goodbye
22 Zanussi
23 Spain & Portugal
24 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
25 Old Kent Road
26 Sandie Shaw
27 Toothache
28 Lucy & Rita
29 Katy Perry
30 Sampras, Agassi, McEnroe

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