Quiz 064

Quiz 064

1 Whose skull was Hamlet holding in the Shakespeare play?
2 In 1985 who did Princess Diana dance with on stage at the Royal Opera House?
3 The roof of which London theatre collapsed on the audience earlier this year?
4 Which actress left the Geilgud Theatre dressed as the Queen to tell drummers to keep the noise down?
5 Which Shakespearean theatre was rebuilt and reopened in 1997 after more than 350 years?
6 Which brewing company did Peter kay do a series of adverts for?
7 Which comedian had the biggest selling single of 1965?
8 Which comedian wrote the classic British film The Plank?
9 Which Dolly Parton song did Connolly use to describe taking his dog to the vet?
10 Can you name any 3 things that Barker asked for in the 4 candles sketch apart from the 4 candles?
11 “You never close your eyes anymore” is the first line of which classic 60’s song?
12 Pet Sounds was a top 10 album in 1966 by which American band?
13 Which Springsteen song begins “I get up in the evening and I ain’t got nothing to say”?
14 Who was the first singer to win the Eurovision song Contest for Ireland & in which year?
15 Which 3 songs were the first 3 number ones for the Beatles?
16 In which city was the TV series The Golden Girls set?
17 Which golfer was known as the Golden Bear?
18 the Gold Coast is an area of which Australian State?
19 In which US state is Fort Knox where the US keeps its gold reserves?
20 Jeff Goldblum played Dr Ian Malcolm in which 1993 film?
General Knowledge
21 Cagliari is the capital of which island in the Mediterranean?
22 Which film won 7 Oscars at this years Academy Awards?
23 King Willem Alexander is the current monarch of which European country?
24 What is the county town of Cornwall?
25 What was the name of Kenny Everett’s punk character in his TV show?
26 In which country is Fez?
27 What type of industrial plant can be found at Hinkley Point, Sizewell & Dungeness?
28 How many squares are there on a Scrabble board?
29 What was Cheryl Cole’s maiden name?
30 In which British comic did Dan Dare feature?


1 Yorick
2 Wayne Sleep
3 Apollo
4 Helen Mirren
5 Globe Theatre
6 John Smiths
7 Ken Dodd
8 Eric Sykes
10 Plugs, Saw Tips, O’s. Peas. Pumps, Washers & Billhooks
11 You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
12 Beach Boys
13 Dancing In The Dark
14 Dana in 1970
15 From Me To You, She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand
16 Miami
17 Jack Nicklaus
18 Queensland
19 Kentucky
20 Jurassic Park
21 Sardinia
22 Gravity
23 Netherlands
24 Truro
25 Gizzard Puke
26 Morocco
27 Nuclear Power Stations
28 225
29 Tweedy
30 Eagle

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