Quiz 063

Quiz 063

1 What shape is used by the BBC weather maps to indicate a cold front?
2 J J Thomson discovered which part of the atom in 1897?
3 Where was a speed record of 11.2 mph in December 1972?
4 Which metal is the main constituent of pewter?
5 Which 3 planets were the Mariner spacecraft designed to visit?
Same Name
6 Director of 12 Years A Slave & star of The Magnificent 7?
7 British Prime Minister & British band leader of the 40s & 50s?
8 The mother of Edward VI & Solitaire in Live and Let Die?
9 Classical guitarist & composer of the music for Star Wars & Jaws?
10 English celebrity chef married to Fern Britten & Emglish World Cup winning rugby player?
Read All About It
11 Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less was the first novel by which former politician?
12 Mario Puzo wrote which book turned into an Oscar winning film starring Marlon Brando?
13 Which book title links Jules Verne and Michael Palin?
14 In which decade was the Guinness Book Of Records first published?
15 Which former Prime Minister wrote The Downing Street Years in 1993?
Mum’s The Word
16 In which city in India did Mother Teresa found her mission?
17 When the Queen Mother married in 1923 which Duke did she marry?
18 Which big 80’s hit song for Kate Bush is the Russian word for Grandmother?
19 What was the name of Frank Spencer’s daughter in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em?
20 Which famous romantic fiction writer was Princess Diana’s step-grandmother?
General Knowledge
21 Which Prime Minister refused to send troops into Vietnam in 1965?
22 Prometheus was the 2012 Ridley Scott film made as a prequel to which 1979 film?
23 In Jack & the Beanstalk how many beans did Jack sell his cow for?
24 What fruit is used to flavour Crepes Suzettes?
25 Laura Massaro of the UK has just become World Champion in which indoor sport?
26 What kind of creature is a hobby?
27 The former model Sophie Dahl is married to which jazz pianist?
28 From which country does the cheese manchego come from?
29 Which former politician presentds Great British Railway Journeys on TV?
30 Is a loofah created from an animal a vegetable or a mineral?


1 Triangles
2 Electron
3 Moon
4 Tin
5 Mars Venus & Mercury
6 Steve McQueen
7 Ted Heath
8 Jane Seymour
9 John Williams
10 Phil Vickery
11 Jeffrey Archer
12 The Godfather
13 Around The World In 80 Days
14 Sixties
15 Margaret Thatcher
16 Calcutta
17 Duke of York
18 Babooshka
19 Jessica
20 Barbara Cartland
21 Harold Wilson
22 Alien
23 Five
24 Orange
25 Squash
26 Bird
27 Jamie Cullum
28 Spain
29 Michael Portillo
30 Vegetable (gourd)

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3 Responses to Quiz 063

  1. Bill Green says:

    Q6 Steve McQueen actor (Magnificent 7) and Steve McQueen director two different people first one is white second one is black

  2. Bill Green says:

    Yes I realised after, my apologies.

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