Quiz 059

Quiz 059

Art & Literature

1 Jacob & Willhelm are famous for their folk stories – what was their surname?

2 How was Sir Percy Blakeney better known?

3 Which artist was born in 1776 and was known for his paintings of Dedham Vale?

4 Rene Lalique is famous for working in which material?

5 Other than Charlie can you name 2 of the other children in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (1st names will do)?

Food & Drink

6 What title is given to an expert coffee maker – very often seen at Costa?

7 From which country does the Donner Kebab originate?

8 Which spirit is used to make a daiquiri cocktail?

9 What type of food is cullen skink?

10 Who have been the 2 presenters of Ready Steady Cook?


11 Lexus is the luxury car division of which motor company?

12 After cars, what are the next most commonly used 4 wheel devices used by the public?

13 What was the first number plate issued in the UK in 1903?

14 What word describes cars built before 1919?

15 Apart from white – what are the 3 other colours used for cat’s eyes in the UK?

TV Sitcoms

16 Who played Sid Abbot’s daughter Sally in Bless This House?

17 In which US sitcom did Danny DeVito make his name?

18 Which TV character worked for Sunshine Deserts?

19 Where did the character Polly Sherman work?

20 Who wrote Bread & what was the surname of the family?

General Knowledge

21 The Harrison Ford film Witness is set in which community in the USA?

22 What type of harmful rays are absorbed by th earth’s ozone layer?

23 Which cartoon character first appeared in a Belgian magazine in 1929?

24 Who makes the perfume Obsession?

25 Which make of aircraft flew for the first time in February 1969?

26 Hugh Lofting wrote books about which famous fictional doctor?

27 From which airport did Freddie Laker’s Skytrain leave for New York?

28 Which cricket ground was used as the venue for archery at the 2012 Olympics?

29 What was the name of Batman’s butler?

30 Robbie Rotten was the baddie in which children’s TV series?


1 Grimm

2 Scarlet Pimpernel

3 John Constable

4 Glass

5 Violet Beauregard, Augustus Gloop Mike Teevee Veruca Salt

6 Barista or Barista Maestro

7 Turkey

8 Rum

9 Soup

10 Fern Britten & Ainsley Harriot

11 Toyota

12 Supermarket trolleys

13 A1

14 Veteran

15 Red Amber Green

16 Sally Geeson

17 Taxi

18 Reggie Perrin

19 Fawlty Towers

20 Carla Lane & Boswell

21 Amish

22 Ultraviolet

23 Tintin

24 Calvin Klein

25 Boeing 747

26 Dr Doolittle

27 Gatwick

28 Lord’s

29 Alfred (Pennyworth)

30 Lazy Town

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