Quiz 056

1 In which countries were these actors born – Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Michael J Fox, Penelope Cruz?

2 Italian born brothers Bruno & Sergio created which chain of shops in the 70’s?

3a It is illegal to cycle on a pavement – True or false?

3b At night what 3 items must a bicycle be fitted with (& working)?

4 Which car manufacturer makes models called the Roomster & the Yeti?

5 What is the name of the street featured on Channel 4’s Benefits Street?

6 Which Bowie album cover features him with a red & blue lightning flash painted on his face?

7 Which 5 letters of the alphabet were never used on car number plates to indicate the year it was built?

8 Which war began on the 25th June 1950?

9 Which London station do you leave from for a direct train to Glasgow?

10a Who invaded Britain in 43 AD?

10b Who invaded Britain in 793?

11 Who in 1994 became the oldest heavyweight boxing champion when he beat Michael Moorer?

12 Which smooth American singer features on the current advert for Starburst?

13 Which song writing trio were responsible for more than 100 top 40 hits in the 80’s & 90’s?

14 Ailsa Craig is the main source of material for which item of winter sports equipment?

15 Who or what are these with the initials TB?

15a Character played by Paul Shane in HiDiHi?

15b Actor who was the 4th Doctor Who?

15c US singer known for I Left My Heart In San Francisco?

15d Where the Buccaneers play American football?

16 How many teats does a cow normally have?

17 What was the first Asian country to host the winter Olympic Games in 1972?

18 What were the first names of these Dad’s Army characters – Pike, Frazer, Walker?

19 In which sport other than fishing might you catch a crab?

20 A lemur is a small primate found only on which island in the Indian Ocean?

21 How many screens does Vue Hartlepool have?

22 Which football teams play at these stadiums – Britannia Stadium, Molineux, The Hawthorns?

23 What word is used to describe a cowboy in South America?

24 Which Italian car manufacturer is to be merged with Chrysler this year?

25 What are the official languages of Brazil, Chile & Guadeloupe?

26 In the UK purple Skittles are blackcurrant; what flavour are they in the USA?

27 Which BBC sitcom was set in Whitbury Leisure Centre?

28 Papa Doc & Baby Doc were rulers of which country?

29 What kind of creatures were Parsley & Sage in the children’s series The Herbs?

30 Which 4 nations fought in the Crimean War?


1 Austria,Canada,Spain

2 Costa


White front light, rear red light & red rear reflector

4 Skoda

5 James Turner Street

6 Aladdin Sane

7 I O Q U Z

8 Korean

9 Euston

10a Romans

10B Vikings

11 George Foreman

12 Michael Bolton

13 Stock Aitken & Waterman

14 Curling stones

15a Ted Bovis

15b Tom Baker

15c Tony Bennett

15d Tampa Bay

16 Four

17 Japan (Sapporo)

18 Frank, James, Joe

19 Rowing

20 Madagascar

21 Seven

22 Stoke City, Wolves, West Bromwich Albion

23 Gaucho

24 Fiat

25 Portuguese, Spanish, French

26 Grape

27 The Brittas Empire

28 Haiti

29 Lion & Owl

30 Britain Russia France Turkey

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