Quiz 055


Body Parts

1 Amy Williams won an Olympic Gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics at which event?

2 From which musical does the song Good Morning Starshine come?

3 EDF Energy is the current sponsor of which London tourist attraction?

4 Which character was played by Sally Kellerman in the film MASH?

5 Which fictional place was Noel’s House Party located?

Load of Bells

6 What was the name of the bell ringer created by Victor Hugo?

7 The Lutine Bell is rung in times of disaster at which insurance company’s London HQ?

8 What was the nickname of footballer Colin Bell; which is also the name of a famous horse & ballet dancer?

9 The Liberty Bell March was used as the theme tune for which comedy series?

10 Who wrote & recorded the album Tubular Bells?


11 What is the name of Cadbury’s chocolate bar shaped like a frog?

12 Fruit flavoured Tic Tacs were introduced in 1978 featuring which 2 flavours in the same pack?

13 What flavour are Frazzles?

14 Atora suet is named after the Spanish word for which animal?

15 What are the 4 traditional ingredients in a Cornish pasty?


16 What Do You Want & Poor Me were number ones in 1960 for which British singer?

17 Which groups hit album of 1994 was Parklife?

18 3 songs called The Power of Love reached the top 10 in the 80s can you name 2 of the artists?

19 Which groups drummer carried on playing despite losing an arm in a car accident?

20 Which Scottish singer had many hits after winning the BBC programme The Big Time?

General Knowledge

21 Which British monarch introduced the George Cross?

22 Which British fashion designer created the GB 2012 Olympic uniforms?

23 Shirley Bassey sang the theme song to 3 Bond films – Goldfinger, Diamonds are forever & which other?

24 At what time do polling stations close in General Elections in the UK?

25 What is the name of the famous cafe/tea rooms founded in 1919 in Harrogate?

26 Which comedians characters include Bubbles Devere & Vicky Pollard?

27 In which TV series, radio series, books & film did the character Zaphod Beeblebrox feature?

28 Which North African country was the first to have civil uprisings in the Arab spring leading to a new government?

29 In which country was Jean Caude Van Damme born?

30 Who in 1979 was the first footballer to be transferred for £1 million?


1 Skeleton

2 Hair

3 London Eye

4 Hotlips Hoolihan

5 Crinkley Bottom

6 Quasimodo

7 Lloyds

8 Nijinsky

9 Monty Pythons Flying Circus

10 Mike Oldfield

11 Freddo

12 Lime & Orange

13 Smokey Bacon

14 Bull

15 Beef Swede Potato Onion

16 Adam Faith

17 Blur

18 Huey Lewis, Jennifer Rush, Frankie Goes To Hollywood

19 Def Leppard

20 Sheena Easton

21 George VI

22 Stella McCartney

23 Moonraker

24 10 pm

25 Betty’s

26 Matt Lucas

27 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

28 Tunisia

29 Belgium

30 Trevor Francis

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