A Quiz For All The Family


For Grannies & Grandads

Pot Luck

1 The Siege of Ladysmith was a key event in which war? Boer War

2 Who danced in puddles in Singing In The Rain? Gene Kelly

3 Which of these was not one of the Von Trapp children – Liesl Kurt Hans or Gretl?  Hans

4 Which TV series featured Napoleon solo? The Man From UNCLE

5 What do you secure with a Windsor knot? A tie


1 Which king supposedly ordered the tide not to come in? Canute

2 How many children did Queen Anne have – 11, 17 or 27? 17

3 The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William are all left handed – true or false? TRUE

4 By what name did Bessie Wallis Warfield become better known? Wallis Simpson

5 In which year did Charles marry Diana? 1981

Rock & Roll

1 Where in the 50s would you find a duck’s tail? On someone,s hair

2 What does R & B stand for? Rhythm and Blues

3 By what name did Harry Webb become famous? Cliff Richard

4 What was Elvis Presley’s first UK number one single? All Shook Up

5 Which musician was called the Man In Black? Johnny Cash


1 Which game was invented first – Cluedo, Monopoly or Scrabble? Monopoly 1931

2 Which colour always moves first in chess? White

3 What is the American name for draughts? Checkers

4 What is the second most expensive property in Monopoly? Park Lane

5 What number is 2 fat ladies in Bingo? 88

Battles of Britain

1 Which event inspired the film The Longest day? D Day

2 What was the codename of the Normandy invasion? Overload

3 Who fought the Rockers in Britain in the 60s? Mods

4 In which year was the Falklands War? 1982

5 What was the first name of Winston Churchills wife? Clementine

For Mams and Aunties

Pot Luck

1 What was the name of the ferocious warrior women in Greek mythology? Amazons

2 Mrs Danvers is the housekeeper in which classic romantic novel? Rebecca

3 Name either book in the Bible named after a woman? Ruth or Esther

4 Whose friends were called Ross Monica Joey Rachel & Chandler? Phoebe

5 Which British version of Barbie disappeared from shops in 1997? Sindy


1 What is the name of the village in Emmerdale? Beckindale

2 In which year did Eastenders begin – 1982 1985 or 1987? 1985

3 What is the name of the Pub in The Archers? The Bull

4 Which rock band appeared in Coronation St in 2005? Status Quo

5 In which soap did Sinbad appear? Brookside

Soppy Stuff

1 How many lines are there in a romantic sonnet? 14

2 Who wrote the Wedding March usually played at the end of a church wedding? Mendelssohn

3 Which fictional character married Rhett Butler? Scarlett O’Hara

4 Which sculptor’s most famous work is called the Kiss? Rodin

5 How many years of marriage are celebrated for a pearl wedding? 30


1 What is calamari? Squid

2 In which country did the Aga cooker originate? Sweden

3 What is the main ingredient of hummus? Chickpeas

4 What type of food is blutwurst? Sausage

5 Before becoming a cook what did Delia Smith train as – hairdresser, typist or dancer? Hairdresser

Trendy Togs

1 What accessory is Louis Vuitton famous for? Leather bags

2 Who designed Diana Spencer’s wedding dress? The Emmanuels

3 In which sport do the participants where silks? Horse racing

4 Which type of snake might you wear round your neck? Boa

5 After WW2 which designer created the “New Look”? Dior

For Dads & Uncles

Pot Luck

1 Who flew Thunderbird 1? Scott Tracy

2 Which rock group’s lead singer was Jim Morrison? The Doors

3 In which year was the smoking ban introduced in England? 2007

4 In which department store was Are You Being Served? Set? Grace Bros.

5 Apart from red & black what is the other colour on a roulette wheel? Green


1 What colour is the centre of an archery target? Gold

2 In which sport would you use a half nelson? Wrestling

3 How many times do the riders go round the track in a speedway race? 4

4 What is the playing area called in American Football? Gridiron

5 Which team won the first football World Cup in 1930? Uruguay

Oily Stuff

1 Which car maker produces the Ducato & Tipo? Fiat

2 Which country used the T34 tank during WW2? Russia

3 In which year did the Mini motoer car first appear – 1955 1959 or 1961? 1959

4 In the Isle of Man TT – what does TT stand for? Tourist Trophy

5 Which make of car did James Bond drive in Goldfinger? Aston Martin

Reel Thing

1 What was the first Carry On film? Sergeant

2 Which 1991 film had characters named after colours? Reservoir Dogs

3 Which superhero’s arch enemy was called Oswald Copperpot? Batman

4 Which war was the setting for the film Gone With The Wind? US Civil War

5 Name either Bond film where Jaws appeared The Spy Who Loved Me or Moonraker

Down The Local

1 What is the name of the pub in Emmerdale? Woolpack

2 In the film Ice Cold in Alex what brand of lager do the characters drink? Carlsberg

3 What is used to make a perry? Pears

4 In which year were crisps invented – 1853 1903 or 1943? 1853

5 What does beer contain that ale doesn’t? Hops

For Teens

Pot Luck

1 What is the name of the Simpson’s dog? Santa’s Little Helper

2 What does GCSE stand for? General Certificate of Secondary Education

3 Where in the world was surfing invented? Hawaii

4 Where would you find Nemesis and Oblivion? Alton towers

5 Where would you find the Great Red Spot? On Jupiter


1 Which country do Franz Ferdinand come form? Scotland

2 Who were champions of the world in 1977? Queen

3 Who sang about an American idiot in 2004? Green Day

4 Whose first solo album in 2002 was called Justified? Justin Timberlake

5 Who is older – Dannii or Kylie? Kylie


1 In which novel do Ralph & Piggy and other schoolboys get marooned on a desert island? Lord of the Flies

2 Which house at Hogwarts is Harry Potter enrolled in? Gryffindor

3 Which fictional land was created by a great lion called Aslan? Narnia

4 Who writes the Discworld novels? Terry Pratchett

5 Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are the main characters in which series of novels? Twilight


1 Which company makes Playstation? Sony

2 In texting what does GAL mean? Get a life

3 What piece of equipment was called an XY position indicator? Mouse

4 In which year did Apple launch iPad – 2001 2004 or 2007? 2001

5 What does CGI stand for? Computer Generated Imagery Films

1 The first Pirates of the Caribbean film was subtitled what? The Curse of the Black Pearl

2 Which 2006 film was about a love affair between Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez? High School Musical

3 What does Indy go searching for in the 4th film? Crystal Skulls

4 Which 1995 cartoon film features the randy Newman song You’ve Got A Friend In Me? Toy Story

5 What is the name of the eveil high priest in The Mummy? Imhotep

For the Under 10’s

Pot Luck

1 If boys are made of frogs and puppy dog tails what are little girls made of?Sugar & spice and all things nice

2 What is the name of the big express train in Thomas the Tank Engine? Gordon

3 On which day of the year is Bonfire night? November 5th

4 What is a bluebottle? Large fly

5 Nelson’s Column stands on which Square in London? Trafalgar


1 Which is the biggest – eagle or ostrich? Ostrich

2 Which creatures make honey? Bees

3 What does frog spawn turn into before it becomes a frog? Tadpole

4 Which is the tallest animal in the world? Giraffe

5 Which of these isn’t a bear – Paddington Winnie the Pooh Bambi or Yogi? Bambi

Around the World

1 Paris is the capital of which country? France

2 What is the name of the worlds highest mountain? Everest

3 Which city in America is called the Big Apple? New York

4 What is Hollywood famous for? Making films

5 Which is largest the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean? Pacific

Fairy tales & Nursery Rhymes

1 in the nursery rhyme, what did the knave of hearts steal? Tarts

2 What did the ugly duckling turn into? Swan

3 How did the wolf destroy the little pigs houses? Blew them down

4 Who got into the 3 Bears house and ate their porridge? Goldilocks

5 When Jack fell down the hill what did he break? Crown

Pot Luck Again

1 What is the opposite of inside? Outside

2 Who is married to Queen Elizabeth? Prince Philip

3 How many sides does a square have? 4

4 How many days are there in a week? 7

5 What were the rulers of Egypt called? Pharaohs

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