Quiz 054

1 How many players are there on a baseball team?
2 Which sport is played with the heaviest ball?
3 Which cricket commentator is known as Aggers?
4 The Solheim Cup is competed for at which sport?
5 Which snooker player achieved the first televised 147 maximum break?
Entertaining Jims
6 In which film did Tom Hanks play Jim Lovell?
7 Which Jim Carrey film featured a dolphin called Snowflake?
8 In which James Bond film did the Space Shuttle feature?
9 Which Alfred Hitchcock film starred James Stewart in a wheelchair?
10 Which historical character has been played on film by Sid James, Richard Burton & Robert Shaw?
Two Answers Required
11 Name 2 of the ingredients of a BMW cocktail?
12 Who played Samantha Stephens in the TV series Bewitched & who played her in the 2005 film?
13 In which 2 European countries does the head of state have the title Chancellor?
14 Apparently what are the red & white stripes on a barber’s pole meant to represent?
15 Which 2 colours are associated with Harrods?
16 Which common affliction is called seborrhoeic dematitis?
17 Which planet is usually the brightest in the night sky?
18 Cyanide gives off a smell similar to the smell of which nut?
19 Hippophobia is an irrational fear of which animal?
20 How many volts are there from an AA battery?
General Knowledge
21 What was the name of the minstrel in Robin Hood’s gang?
22 Talahassee is the capital of which state?
23 Which Biblical character is played by Russell Crowe in a new film released shortly?
24 Pall Mall, Northumberland Ave. and which other property make up the purple set in Monopoly?
25 Deep Blue is the name of the first computer to beat a chess grandmaster – true or false?
26 Who sang the theme song to the Bond film Skyfall?
27 What is the official language of Angola?
28 How many square millimetres are there in a square centimetre?
29 On which day of the week did Soloman Grundy get married?
30 Which British boxer entered the ring to the sound of Tina Turner’s Simply the Best?

1 Nine
2 10 Pin Bowling
3 Jonathan Agnew
4 Golf
5 Steve Davis
6 Apollo 13
7 Ace Ventura Pet Detective
8 Moonraker
9 Rear Window
10 Henry VIII
11 Baileys Malibu Whisky
12 Elizabeth Montgomery/Nicole Kidman
13 Germany & Austria
14 Blood & bandages
15 Green & gold
16 Dandruff
17 Venus
18 Almonds
19 Horse
20 One and a half
21 Alan a Dale
22 Florida
23 Noah
24 Whitehall
26 Adele
27 Portuguese
28 100
29 Wednesday
30 Chris Eubank

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