Quiz 053

1 Which comedian claimed he came from Ballygobackwards?
2 Who did Kenny Jones replace in the Who in 1978?
3 A squab is the young of which bird?
4 How did Henri Paul die in August 1997?
5 How many sequels to the original Planet of the Apes were there? Name one?
6 In which English cities are these railway stations – Lime Street, New Street, Temple Meads?
7 Grandchildren Vera Chuck & Dave feature in which Beatles song?
8 Which sport features the Madison & the Omnium?
9 Frank Winfield are the first names of a man who opened his first store in New York in 1879 – what is his surname?
10 In which Tom Hanks film does a fortune telling machine called Zoltar feature?
11 What was the name of Captain Nemo’s submarine in the Jules Verne novel?
12 What does e, m & c represent in the famous equation E = Mc²?
13 What kind of creature was Rikki Tikki Tavi created by Rudyard Kipling?
14 Name the 2 original members of the English Football league that begin with the letter A
15 Excl. mandarin & english, in terms of the number of speakers, what are the 4 most spoken languages in the world?
16 Which of these is furthest north – Gloucester Worcester of Leicester?
17 Name either state which borders Florida.
18a In which decade were dog licences abolished in Great Britain?
18b How much was it at the time?
19 If it was Ink Johnny King during World War One what is it today?
20 Clint eastwood has won Best Director Oscar for which 2 films?
21 If you were served zucchini & mashed rudebaga in the USA with your chicken what are you eating?
22 Which car manufacturers are known in the USA motor industry as the Big 3?
23 In which continent are piranha fish found in the wild?
24 Why does Barry Stoller get about £40 every time Match of the Day is on?
25 ASLEF is the union to which many railway workers belong – what does the LEF stand for?
26 Which European country united with Germany in the Anschluss of 1938?
27 Which chemical element was known as quicksilver?
28 Chris Pine is currently playing Jack Ryan on screen – name 2 others who have played him?
29 Which 2 teams are the only 2 to win the football World Cup on penalties?
30 Figure these out!
30a No of years in a Pearl wedding plus the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit?
30b Hills of Rome multiplied by keys on a full size piano?
30c Number of edges on a cube plus the number on Pennsylvania avenue where the White house is?


1 Jimmy Cricket
2 Keith Moon
3 Pigeon
4 Car crash (Diana & Dodi’s driver)
5 Four (Beneath, Escape from, Conquest of, Battle for)
6 Liverpool Birmingham Bristol
7 When I’m 64
8 Track cycling
9 Woolworth
10 Big
11 Nautilus
12 Energy Mass Speed of Light
13 Mongoose
14 Aston Villa & Accrington Stanley
15 Spanish Arabic Hindi Bengali
16 Leicester
17 Georgia or Alabama
18a 1980s (1987)
18b 37 pence
19 India Juliet Kilo
20 Unforgiven/Million Dollar Baby
21 Courgettes Mashed Swede
22 Ford General Motors Chrysler
23 South America
24 He wrote the theme tune
25 Locomotive Engineers & Firemen
26 Austria
27 Mercury
28 Harrison Ford Ben Affleck Alec Baldwin
29 Brazil 1994 Italy 2006
30a 30 + 212 = 242
30b 7 * 88 = 616
30c 12 + 1600 = 1612

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