Quiz 050




1 What were the first names of the father and son Campbells famous for breaking speed records?


2 What kind of creature was the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales?


3 Who were the male & female co-stars of the 1994 film Speed?


4 Doris Speed played which character in Coronation Street?


5 What is the speed limit for a car pulling a caravan on a single carriageway road in the UK?




6 What does TT stand for in Isle of Man TT?


7 Which golfer is engaged to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki?


8 What nickname was given to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium?


9 Which US city’s sports teams are the Seahawks & the Mariners?


10 Wimbledon winner Evonne Goolagong became Evonne who when she married?




11 In a series of scifi films whose home planet is Cybertron?


12 What is Blackadder’s christian name in every TV series?


13 In which decade did Charlie Chaplin die?


14 Which film was responsible for describing a jealous mistress as a bunny boiler?


15 At which address in London did Sherlock Holmes live?




16 In which northern city would you find Clifford’s Tower?


17 Where would you be if you were reading “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”?


18 What is the only US state named after an English County?


19 How is a battle site marked on an Ordnance Survey map?


20 What are the top 3 most visited attractions in the North East that aren’t free?


General Knowledge


21 What is the name of the little boy in Kipling’s Jungle Book?


22 Canadian Mark carney holds which important financial job?


23 Who is the Roman God of war?


24 Darrowby was the fictional setting for which TV series?


25 What was the firsts song played on Radio One?


26 What was Rigsby’s first name in Rising Damp?


27 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better is from which musical?


28 Which capital city was also the name of the Duke of Wellington’s horse?


29 Which British swimmer was the model for a statue of a mermaid in Cowes Harbour on the Isle of Wight?


30 India’s official languages are Hindi and which other?






1 Malcolm, Donald


2 Mouse


3 Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock


4 Annie Walker


5 50 mph


6 Tourist Trophy


7 Rory McIlroy


8 Bird’s Nest or Cage


9 Seattle


10 Cawley


11 Transformers


12 Edmund


13 70’s 1977


14 Fatal Attraction


15 221b Baker Street


16 York


17 Statue of Liberty


18 New Hampshire


19 Crossed swords


20 Beamish Cragside Wallington


21 Mowgli


22 Governor of the Bank of England


23 Mars


24 All Creatures Great and Small


25 Flowers In The Rain – Move


26 Rupert


27 Annie Get Your Gun


28 Copenhagen


29 Sharron Davies


30 English


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