Quiz 047 – Christmas Quiz

Christmas Films

1 Old Man Marley lives next door to Kevin in which Christmas based film?

2 Which knighted British actor was the narrator in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

3 What is the first name of the little boy in The Snowman?

4 Who played the little girl in the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street & married Robert Wagner twice?

5 Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas is from which Judy Garland musical?

Christmas TV

6 Can you name the TV presenters who featured in the scene from South Pacific in the 1977 Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show?

7 At Christmas 1993 what major event happened in Emmerdale?

8 In which sitcom was the main character forced to eat 3 Christmas lunches in 1996?

9 Which Welsh classical singer made her acting debut in the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special?

10 What kind of branded drink did Del & Rodney try to sell in their 1992 Christmas special?

The 12 Days of Christmas

11 The character Alan Partridge appeared on a show featuring which Abba song?

12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all named after artists from which country?

13 In which film would you find hens called Ginger, Babs & Bunty?

14 Footballer Stan Collymore had a violent relationship with which TV presenter who he punched in a bar?

15 The Gold Run featured in which TV quiz show?

16 Goose liver (or duck liver) is used in France to produce which expensive pate?

17 What kind of swans are rounded up on the Thames during swan-upping?

18 Sarah Lancashire played which barmaid at the Rovers Return?

19 What was the name of the fat ladies dancing on the Les Dawson TV show for many years?

20 Lords cricket ground is owned by which cricket organisation?

21 Billie Piper was married to which TV presenter & DJ from 2001 to 2007?

22 Which famous drummer received his first drum kit for Christmas in 1959?

Christmas Events

23 In which London lake do people go swimming on Christmas Day?

24 Which Russian leader resigned over the Christmas period 1991?

25 Which Apollo mission orbited the moon at Christmas 1968?

26 Paul McCartney got engaged to which actress on Christmas day 1967?

27 Which leader banned Christmas in Britain in 1647?

Christmas Fun

28 Can you name 2 of the spices usually used in a British mulled wine?

29 Family Fortunes – Name a panto character usually played by a pretty woman – Top 5 answers please

30 Which song was voted Britain’s favourite Christmas song this year in the Mirror?

31 What’s the name of Aladdin’s brother?

32 What is the name of Cinderella’s father in the pantomime?


1 Home Alone

2 Anthony Hopkins

3 James

4 Natalie Wood

5 Meet Me In St Louis

6 Michael Parkinson, Michael Aspel, Eddie Waring, Richard Baker, Peter Woods,Richard Whitmore, Philip Jenkinson, Barry Norman

7 Plane crash

8 Vicar of Dibley

9 Katherine Jenkins

10 Peckham Spring Water

11 Knowing Me Knowing You

12 Italy

13 Chicken Run

14 Ulrika Johnsson

15 Blockbusters

16 Foie Gras

17 Mute

18 Raquel Watts

19 Roly Polys

20 MCC

21 Chris Evans

22 Ringo Starr (@ 18)

23 Serpentine

24 Gorbachev

25 Apollo 8

26 Jane Asher

27 Oliver Cromwell

28 Cloves Cinnamon Nutmeg Mace

29 Cinderella,Snow White,Prince Charming,Sleeping Beauty,Fairy Godmother

30 All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

31 Wishee Washee

32 Baron Hard-Up

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