Quiz 046


1 Which motorway connects Glasgow to Edinburgh?

2 Herdwick & Swaledale are breeds of which farm animal?

3a What is the total distance run by the decathlon athletes in the 4 track events?

3b What is the total distance run by the heptathlon athletes in the 3 track events?

4 Only 2 actors have won Oscars in consecutive years, Spencer Tracy is one, who is the other?

5 Which world changing event in the 60s was investigated by the Warren Commission?

6 Roquefort & mozzarella cheeses are traditionally made from the milk of which animals?

7 Be more dog is the TV advert for which company?

8 Addis Ababa is the capital of which country?

9 In 1967 which famous revolutionary was captured and shot in Bolivia?

10 Jade Jones won an Olympic Gold last year at which martial art?

11 What was made compulsory on new cars in 1954?

12 Rodin’s sculpture called the Le Baiser is known in English as what?

13 Who wrote the Christmas story The Grinch?

14 Gangnam as in that annoying song Gangnam Style is a suburb of which city?

15 Whose recent album Swings Both Ways was the 1000th UK number one album?

16 Which 3 countries have a land border with Paraguay?

17 What does the GC stand for in GCHQ?

18 Collectively who are Bella, Fizz, Jake & Milo on TV?

19 Which round the world single handed sailors sailed in Gypsy Moth IV & Lively Lady?

20 Which islands are serviced by a car ferry from Thurso in Scotland?

21 Where on 10th January is Margaret Thatcher Day celebrated?

22 Which season did Keats describe as a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness?

23 Which woman is currently fronting the Christmas ads for Littlewoods on TV?

24 Who have been hosts of Blankety Blank on TV?

25a In which sport would you use an Eskimo Roll?

25b In which sporting event would you use a Western Roll?

26 Who organised his first trip from Leicester to Loughbrough in 1841?

27 In human biology the letters A C G & T are used to describe what?

28 In which Irish county is the Blarney stone?

29 Which of the inhabited Channel islands is closest to France?

30 Which 2 acts have had big hits with Mary’s Boy Child?




1 M8

2 Sheep

3a 2110 m (100 + 400 + 1500 + 110)

3b 1100 m (800 + 200 + 100)

4 Tom Hanks

5 JFK assassination

6 Sheep & buffalo

7 O2

8 Ethiopia

9 Che Guevara

10 Taekwondo

11 Flashing indicators

12 The Kiss

13 Dr Seuss

14 Seoul

15 Robbie Williams

16 Brazil Argentina Bolivia

17 Government Communications

18 Tweenies

19 Francis Chichester & Alec Rose

20 Orkneys

21 Falklands

22 Autumn

23 Mylene Klass

24 Terry Wogan Les Dawson Lily Savage

25a Canoeing

25b High Jump

26 Thomas Cook

27 DNA sequence

28 Cork

29 Alderney

30 Harry Belafonte & Boney M

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