Quiz 045



1 Off which US State did the Exxon Valdez oil spillage disaster occur in 1989?

2 Charlene Spiteri is the lead singer with which Scottish band?

3 In which US State is the US Masters golf tournament held annually?

4 Jack Lord was the main star of which US detective series of the 60’s & 70’s?

5 Which chicken dish served with sweetcorn fritters & bananas is named after an American State?


6 In The Beatles song I Am The Walrus – what was I sitting on waiting for the van to come?

7 Professor Higgins is the main male character in which classic musical?

8 Which famous band were formed in 1977 & were apparently named after the state of their finances at the time?

9 Which band had a best selling album called Stars in the 90’s?

10 ABBA’s first 3 number one singles all ended in a vowel – what were the singles?


11 Where were the 30th Summer Olympics held?

12 Which football club are known as the Cottagers?

13 What is the maximum number of horses allowed to participate in the Grand National?

14 Which English football club was the first to win a European trophy?

15 Which 3 “Reds” have won the Grand National in 1968, 1974 & 2001?

Food & Drink

16 What food has a name that means twice cooked?

17 Rioja is a wine originating from which country?

18 What kind of food is pumpernickel?

19 What is the main vegetable ingredient in moussaka?

20 Name the 3 main ingredients used to make the breakfast dish kedgeree

General Knowledge

21 What do Americans call a love bite?

22 Which famous London building was destroyed by fire in 1936?

23 What kind of aquatic creature lives in a holt?

24 Americans call it Veterans Day – what do we call it?

25 Which serial killer hanged himself in Winson Green prison on New Year’s Day 1995 ?

26 What is the chemical symbol for lead?

27 His first starring role was in The Blob (1958) & his last was The Hunter (1980) – who was he?

28 Nicola Adams in 2012 won Britain’s first ever gold medal at which women’s sport?

29 In which daily newspaper is the gossip column Bizarre featured?

30 What was the name of the western lawman in New York played on TV by Dennis Weaver?



1 Alaska

2 Texas

3 Georgia

4 Hawaii Five-O

5 Chicken Maryland

6 Cornflake

7 My Fair Lady

8 Dire Straits

9 Simply Red

10 Waterloo Mamma Mia Fernando

11 London

12 Fulham

13 Forty

14 Tottenham Hotspur

15 Rum Alligator Marauder

16 Biscuit

17 Spain

18 Bread

19 Aubergine

20 Smoked fish, eggs, rice, onions

21 Hickey

22 Crystal Palace

23 Otter

24 Remembrance day

25 Fred West

26 Pb

27 Steve McQueen

28 Boxing

29 The sun

30 McCloud

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