Quiz 044



1 How much money are the contestants on Bargain Hunt given to spend on antiques?

2 Which judge did Darcy Bussell replace on Strictly Come Dancing?

3 Which Swedish detective is played by Kenneth Branagh?

4 Which knighted actor played Mel Hutchwright in Coronation Street in 2005?

5 Who wrote and sang the theme tune to One Foot In The Grave?


6 All acids contain which element?

7 Who famously said ‘Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety nine per cent perspiration?

8 What is the first name of the inventor who created the Dyson vacuum cleaner?

9 Who made the first drawings of a helicopter in the 15th century?

10 On which planet would you find Olympus Mons?


11 Which vegetable is the Russian soup borscht made from?

12 What do Americans call an aubergine?

13 What leaves is the cheese Cornish Yarg covered with?

14 What fish is used in the Swedish dish gravad lax?

15 Which fish gives Worcestershire Sauce its unique flavour?

Blue Quiz

16 Lady Sings The Blues was a film about which singer’s life?

17 Who designed the Blue Peter logo?

18 Which US state is known as the Blue Grass State?

19 Which TV series featured the Blue Moon detective agency?

20 Which comedian was used as a human paint brush at the Royal Variety show by the Blue Man Group in 2007?

General Knowledge

21 In which US state is Death Valley?

22 In which BBC sitcom of the 80s did dancers Barry & Yvonne appear?

23 The Herald of Free Enterprise ferry capsized when leaving which Belgian port?

24 Horses are measured in hands – how many inches in a hand?

25 Who did Peter Fleming partner to win 4 mens doubles titles at Wimbledon?

26 The Barbra Streisand songs People & Don’t Rain On My Parade are from which musical?

27 Which famous film double act were known for the Who’s On First baseball routine?

28 Chlorophobia is the irrational fear of which colour?

29 In the novel 1984, the first line is “It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking…” what?

30 According to the book (not the film) what colour was Frankenstein’s monster?




1 £300

2 Alesha Dixon

3 Wallender

4 Sir Ian McKellen

5 Eric Idle

6 Hydrogen

7 Edison

8 James

9 Leonardo da Vinci

10 Mars

11 Beetroot

12 Eggplant

13 Stinging nettles

14 Salmon

15 Anchovies

16 Billie Holiday

17 Tony Hart

18 Kentucky

19 Moonlighting

20 Joe Pasquale

21 California

22 Hi De Hi

23 Zeebrugge

24 Four

25 John McEnroe

26 Funny Girl

27 Abbott & Costello

28 Green

29 Thirteeen

30 Yellow

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