Quiz 042


Musical Electricity

1 Which band’s lead singer is Brian Johnson?

2 The song Electricity is from which stage musical?

3 Electric Light Orchestra’s only No1 single was Xanadu featuring which female singer?

4 Which song was Cliff Richard singing in his video whilst roller skating round Milton Keynes?

5 What was the name of Gary Numan’s band with which he recorded Are Friends Electric in 1979?


6 Which bird is the surname of Frasier in the TV series?

7 In which comic did Dan Dare feature?

8 Who played Bond in the film Goldeneye?

9 Which actor won a posthumous Oscar for the film Network in 1976?

10 Professor Yaffle was the name of the owl character in which children’s TV series?


11 Which Midlands club has appeared in 4 FA Cup finals but never won?

12 Who has just retired from Test cricket after playing in his 200th test match?

13 How many points does a driver get for winning a Formula One Grand Prix?

14 Who was the last cricketer to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

15 In which sport was Britain’s first Gold medal won at the 2012 Olympics?

In The News

16 Which Bon Jovi song did Prince William sing recently at a function?

17 Which chef & author has been accused of being “off her head on drugs” by her former husband?

18 Sculptures of which creatures have been unveiled this week in Falkirk?

19 Now That’s What I Call Music 86 album appeared this week, which British artist has featured the most?

20 Which city has been awarded the European City of Culture for 2017?

Gambler’s Round

21 Which singer said “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”?

22 Who followed Khrushchev as leader of the Soviet Union?

23 What was the name of the family in the Beverley Hillbillies?

24 What was the name of the poison used by South American tribes on the tips of their arrows?

25 What is the most southerly city to have hosted the summer Olympics?

26 Which British assay office for gold & silver uses an anchor as its mark?

27 How wide in inches is a set of 3 cricket stumps?

28 In Bond films & books how is Major Boothroyd better known?

29 Who was American President at the time of the Wall Street Crash in 1929?

30 Which bearded seaman is Tintin’s best friend?





2 Billy Elliot

3 Olivia Newton John

4 Wired For Sound

5 Tubeway Army

6 Crane

7 Eagle

8 Pierce Brosnan

9 Peter Finch

10 Bagpuss

11 Leicester City

12 Sachin Tendulkar

13 25 points

14 Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff

15 Rowing (Coxless Pairs)

16 Living On A Prayer

17 Nigella Lawson

18 Horses heads (actually Kelpies)

19 Robbie Williams

20 Hull

21 Dolly Parton

22 Brezhnev

23 The Clampetts

24 Curare

25 Melbourne

26 Birmingham

27 9 inches

28 Q

29 Herbert Hoover

30 Captain Haddock

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