Quiz 039


Cold Isn’t It

1 How many Ice Age cartoon films have been produced?

2 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold was a novel by which writer?

3 What is the minimum ice thickness on a lake to support the average person?

4 The snow leopard is native to which continent?

5 In American footballer William Perry had a cold nickname – what was it?

Rockin All Over World

6 The Devil’s Tower a volcanic rock in Wyoming was used in which sci-fi film?

7 The entrance to which sea is guarded by rocks called the Pillars of Hercules?

8 What is the name of the treacherous rocks situated in the Solent off the Isle of Wight?

9 Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll was a top 10 hit in 1996 for actors from Emmerdale – what were they called?

10 Holiday Rock was the theme song to which TV series?


11 Davy Crocket’s hat was made from the fur of which animal?

12 In 1885 what was transported from France to America in 214 crates?

13 In 1918 Iceland became independent from which country?

14 In 1982 in the South Atlantic, Hector E Bonzo was the last captain of which ship?

15 In which city did murderers and body snatchers Burke & Hare operate?


16 How many gears does a speedway bike have?

17 In 1930 the first football World Cup was held in which country?

18 In athletics which event is closest in distance to a mile?

19 How many summer Olympic Games were cancelled in the 20th Century due to war?

20 Club Farm & Abbey are all corners at which motor racing circuit?

Gambler’s Round

I pt for correct answer;Minus 1 pt for a wrong answer;0 points for not answering

21 What was the name of the area in Dallas where JFK was shot?

22 Who plays Detective Richard Poole in the BBC TV series Death In Paradise?

23 Sanday Hoy & Westray are all islands in which British island group?

24 Which gymnast won Dancing On Ice 2013?

25 Gary Numan & Cliff Richard were both born with same surname – what is it?

26 The Beryl Bainbridge novel “Every Man For Himself” is based on which famous disaster?

27 In which month of the year is Michaelmas?

28 Which Royal residence has the postcode PE35 6EN?

29 Tommy Steele starred in the 1968 film Finian’s Rainbow with which dancing legend?

30 Which Prime Minister opened the M25?




1 Five

2 John Le Carre

3 2 inches

4 Asia

5 The Fridge

6 Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind

7 Mediterranean

8 Needles

9 Woolpackers

10 HiDeHi

11 Racoon

12 Statue of Liberty

13 Denmark

14 General Belgrano

15 Edinburgh

16 1

17 Uruguay

18 4 x 400m relay (Mile is 1609 metres)

19 Three

20 Silverstone

21 Deeley Plaza

22 Ben Miller

23 Orkneys

24 Beth Tweddle

25 Webb

26 Tsinking of the Titanic

27 September

28 Sandringham

29 Fred Astaire

30 Maggie Thatcher

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