Quiz 036


1 Which new UK bank is 200 years old?


2 Which tennis player beat Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes match in 1973?


3 What does SIM stand for as in SIM card?


4 Which US state has the most golf courses?


5 The Lovell radio telescope is generally known by its location in Cheshire what is it called??


6 Who are these famous Rebeccas or Becky’s?

British swimmer who won 2 Gold medals at the Beijing Olympics?


The British athlete who won Olympic medals in rowing then cycling


The nickname given to the little girl Rebecca in Aliens


7 What is the largest artery in the human body?


8 In which South American country was the Nazi Eichmann captured in 1960?


9 Androids in films – in which films did these androids appear – Replicants, Decepticons, T1000?


10 The Golden Triangle in SE Asia produces which illicit crop?


11 Which organ produces bile?


12 Which singer songwriter wrote the music for the 1971 film Shaft?


13 In which English county is the village of Stilton?


14 Papa Doc was the dictator of which country?


Pol pot was the dictator of which country?


15 The symbols of which 4 elements make up the word BROWN?


16 Who played Samantha Stephens in the Bewitched TV series & who played her in the 2005 film?


17 Which famous explorer was born in Blantyre, Scotland in 1813?


18 At the end of the 2012/13 season the New Saints & Airbus UK finished 1st & 2nd in which football league?


19 At Eastham Lock the Manchester Ship Canal joins which river?


20 The ZX Spectrum & the Black Watch were inventions by which scientist?


21 In which US state is Salem, the location of the witch trials?


22 In the Goodies martial art Eckythump what foodstuff was used as a weapon?


23 How many wickets did Jim Laker take in a test match against Australia at Old Trafford in 1956?


24 Mo Larry & Curly were collectively known as what in entertainment?


25 The ship the Hispaniola features in which classic adventure novel?


26 What animal word was used by John Le Carre to describe an agent under deep cover?


27 Which footballer was nicknamed Bites Your Legs because of his tackling ability?


28 Name any type of woodpecker native to the UK?


29 What was the name of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice?


30 Mr Grimsdale was a film character often seen in which comedians films?










2 Billie Jean King


3 Subscriber Identity Module


4 Florida


5 Jodrell Bank


6 Adlington, Romero, Newt


7 Aorta


8 Argentina


9 Blade Runner/Transformers/Terminator 2


10 Opium poppy


11 Liver


12 Isaac Hayes


13 Cambridgeshire


14 Haiti, Cambodia


15 Bromine, Oxygen, Tungsten, Nitrogen


16 Elizabeth Montgomery, Nicole Kidman


17 David Livingstone


18 Welsh Premier


19 Mersey


20 Clive Sinclair


21 Massachusetts


22 Black Pudding


23 19


24 Three Stooges


25 Treasure Island


26 Mole


27 Norman Hunter


28 Lesser Spotted, Greater Spotted, Green


29 Antonio


30 Norman Wisdom


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