Quiz 035

Same Name

1 Which word can be an old British coin and the surname of a tennis player who lost a 1979 Wimbledon final?

2 Which word can be a silvery metal and a London theatre?

3 Which word can be an American President’s surname and a piece of cleaning equipment?

4 Which word can be an English county and a horse drawn 4 wheel carriage?

5 Which word was the name of a children’s comic and the name of the moon vehicle on Apollo 11?


6 Pewter is made of around 90% of which metal?

7 Peter Snow & Raymond Baxter were associated with which long running TV science series?

8 Hydrogen is being converted into which other element in the Sun?

9 What is the first name of the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaners?

10 Quinine was first used to treat which dangerous disease?


11 Which spirit is Pimm’s No 1 based on?

12 Which fruit is Southern Comfort flavoured with?

13 What is the main ingredient of the Italian dish fritatta?

14 What kind of meat do you need to make an authentic weiner schnitzel?

15 What natural food is placed into 4 colour categories dark gold brown and amber?

In The Park

16 The lake in Hyde Park London is called what?

17 In which African country is the Serengeti National Park?

18 Which actor had a big hit with the song MacArthur Park in 1968?

19 Who wrote the play Barefoot In The Park, later a film with Jane Fonda & Robert Redford?

20 Nick Park was the creator of which film double act?

Gambler’s Round

1 point for a correct answer

Minus 1 point for a wrong answer

No points for not answering the question

21 How many daughters does Tony Blair have?

22 Valletta is the capital of which Mediterranean island?

23 Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs was the closing theme song on which long running US sitcom?

24 Which poet & lyricist had a long partnership with Elton John?

25 If Monday’s child is fair of face, what is Friday’s child?

26 Who does Bruce Willis play in the Die Hard films?

27 Which Liberal Democrat MP resigned over a motoring offence?

28 Which live dinosaur is the first one seen on screen in Jurassic Park?

29 In CB radio slang what is a bear in the air?

30 Which singer & presenter was known as the Rochdale Cowboy?


1 Tanner

2 Palladium

3 Hoover

4 Surrey

5 Eagle

6 Tin

7 Tomorrow’s World

8 Helium

9 James

10 Malaria

11 Gin

12 Peach

13 Eggs

14 Veal

15 Honey

16 Serpentine

17 Tanzania

18 Richard Harris

19 Neil Simon

20 Wallace & Gromit

21 One

22 Malta

23 Frasier

24 Bernie Taupin

25 Loving and giving

26 John McClane

27 Chris Huhne

28 Brachiosaurus

29 Police helicopter

30 Mike Harding

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