Quiz 030


Gold Run


1 In the film Goldfinger, what nationality was the character Oddjob?


2 Goldie Hawn made her name in which US TV comedy series of the 60’s?


3 Which band had a number one single with Gold in 1983?


4 Discovered in Egypt in 1922 what is the single largest object made from pure gold?


5 A twit is a goldfish that is in what condition?




6 What is the television equivalent of the Oscars in the USA?


7 In which Swiss city is the Golden Rose awarded for the best in television entertainment?


8 Who presents the annual Pride of Britain awards on ITV?


9 Which award has the words “For Gallantry” on it?


10 Which American military award also became a name for a recreational drug in the sixties?


Sports Bag


11 Which club side did Bobby Robson manager after he left the England job?


12 What is the last throwing event in a decathlon?


13 In which Swiss town would you find the Cresta Run sled track?


14 In which American city is the baseball team the Braves?


15 Which British athlete allegedly “tripped” American Mary Decker at the 1984 Olympics in the 3000 metres?


Pane In The Neck


16 See through windows were made legal for what kind of shops in 1995?


17 Look Through Any Window was a top 10 hit for which group in 1965?


18 Which Alfred Hitchcock film starred James Stewart in a wheelchair?


19 In which decade was the first Microsoft Windows operating system lanched?


20 Which female character was rescued from her tower prison by lowering her hair from a window?


Gambler’s Round


One point for a correct nswer


Minus one point for an incorrect answer


No points for not answering the question


21 Which Middle Eastern country did the first commercial London Concorde flight fly to?


22 Which actor appeared in the most Carry On films?


23 Didsbury, Wythenshaw & Newton Heath are all areas in which English city?


24 What was the occupation of Cliff Clavin in the TV series Cheers?


25 What nationality is the tennis player Goran Ivanisevic?


26 Who played the title role in Annie Hall?


27 The Battle of Ulundi was the final battle in the war against which tribe in Africa?


28 American Larry Adler was famous for playing which musical insrument?


29 Which of Disney’s 7 dwarfs wore glasses?


30 Lesotho is completely surrounded by which country?








1 Korean


2 Laugh In


3 Spandau Ballet


4 Tutankamen’s coffin


5 Pregnant


6 Emmy


7 Montreux


8 Carol Vorderman


9 George Cross


10 Purple Heart


11 PSV Eindhoven


12 Javelin


13 St Moritz


14 Atlanta


15 Zola Budd


16 Betting shops


17 Hollies


18 Rear Window


19 1980’s


20 Rapunzel


21 Bahrain


22 Kenneth Williams


23 Manchester


24 Postman


25 Croatian


26 Diane Keaton


27 Zulus


28 Mouth Organ/Harmonica


29 Doc


30 South Africa


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