Quiz 029

1 Which hit from the Shadows was the name of a famous explorer’s seagoing craft?

2 In the nursery rhyme where was the cock horse being ridden to?

3 Spirit In The sky was number one for Gareth Gates in 2003 with which TV family?

4 Which Bond villain’s first name was Auric?

5 Which dessert is a custard base with a caramelised top?

6 In which American city would you find the Space Needle?

7 Which boy band represented the UK at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?

8 Can you name up to 6 countries with a border with Iraq?

9 Which cricketer caused a major incident at a test match in 1979 as he was playing with an aluminium bat?

10 The disease bovine spongiform encephalopathy is commonly known as what?

11 Which TV soap was created by Kevin Laffan?

12 The Red Vineyard was the only painting sold by which artist during his lifetime?

13 The mountain lion is known by 3 other names – what are they?

14 Used by hairdressers which compound has a formula H2O2?

15 In which musicals would you find these characters:- Roxie Hart, Christine Daaé, Simba

16 How long does a game of field hockey last? (Playing time)

17 Which superhero does engineer & playboy Tony Stark turn into?

18 What is the key flavour of cream soda?

19 Which 2 of England’s 1966 World Cup winning team were wearing shirts with a number more than 11?

20 When Prince George was born who was relegated to number 6 in line to the throne?

21 Who plays Diana in the film biography currently on release?

22 Name any puppet character that appeared in Peter Kay’s video for Is This the Way to Amarillo?

23 The Light Programme was the previous name of which radio station?

24 What are the names of the Beckham’s 4 kids?

25 Which Japanese car manufacturer’s logo is composed of 3 diamond shapes?

26 What nickname is given to double one in the game of craps?

27 What does the banker never do in the Beatles Penny Lane?

28 In the UK how many teaspoonfuls are there in a tablespoonful?

29 Which singer is to replace Jessie J on the next series of The Voice?

30 Who manufactures the perfume Euphoria?


1 Kon Tiki

2 Banbury Cross

3 Kumars

4 Goldfinger

5 Crème Brulee

6 Seattle

7 Blue

8 Saudi Arabia Iran Syria Kuwait Jordan Turkey

9 Dennis Lillee

10 Mad Cow Disease

11 Emmerdale

12 Van Gogh

13 Puma Panther Cougar

14 Hydrogen Peroxide

15 Chicago Phantom of the Opera The Lion King

16 70 minutes

17 Iron Man

18 Vanilla

19 Hunt (21) Peters (16)

20 Beatrice

21 Naomi Watts

22 Orville, Sooty, Sweep, Bungle

23 Radio 2

24 Brooklyn Romeo Cruz Harper Seven

25 Mitsubishi

26 Snake Eyes

27 Wear a mac

28 Three

29 Kylie Minogue

30 Calvin Klein

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