Quiz 027




1 Which husband of Marilyn Monroe was a famous baseball player?


2 Which medal did Sharron Davies win at the 1980 Moscow Olympics?


3 Who captained Europe to Ryder Cup glory in 1995?


4 In which sport was Jahangir Khan World Champion from 1981 to 1985?


5 Which cricketer was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2005?


Science Fact & Fiction


6 Which planet is named after the Roman God of the sea?


7 In Trivial Pursuit what colour are the Science & Nature questions?


8 Which gas solidifies to form dry ice?


9 Skaro is the home planet of which evil race of creatures on TV?


10 What type of creature is Chewbakka in Star Wars?




11 Which German 4 man group recorded the 1974 album Autobahn?


12 On the Beatles Abbey Road album cover who is in the lead?


13 On The Street Where You Live is a song from which 1959 musical?


14 What is located in Manhattan New York at the junction of Broadway,42nd Street & 7th Ave?


15 Della Street was the character who was secretary to which famous American TV Attorney?


Classic Sitcoms


16 Michael & Janey were the 2 teenage children in which sitcom?


17 What was the name of the family in the TV series Bread?


18 Craggy Island was the location for which TV series?


19 Chris Barrie starred in a sitcom about a leisure centre called what?


20 James Bolam & Richard Wilson starred in which sitcom based in a hospital?


Gambler’s Round


One point for each correct answer; Minus one point for each incorrect answer


No points for not answering the question


21 What colour is the cape worn by Batman’s side kick Robin in the Batman TV series?


22 Dr Alex Comfort wrote a best selling instruction manual in 1972 on which subject?


23 What is the 4th colour mentioned in the lyrics of the song “I Can Sing A Rainbow”?


24 Zucchini is the American name for which vegetable?


25 Greenland is administered by which European country?


26 Which planet in our solar system takes about 225 Earth days to orbit the Sun?


27 In which Bond film did Sean Connery as Bond wear a Jet Pack?


28 Which painter had a Blue period?


29 Alberto Tomba was a world champion at which sport?


30 Which body of water separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England?






1 Joe DiMaggio


2 Silver


3 Bernard Gallagher


4 Squash


5 Andrew Flintoff


6 Neptune


7 Green


8 Carbon Dioxide


9 Daleks


10 Wookie


11 Kraftwerk


12 John Lennon


13 My Fair Lady


14 Times Square


15 Perry Mason


16 My Family


17 Boswell


18 Father Ted


19 The Brittas Empire


20 Only When I Laugh


21 Yellow


22 Sex


23 Green


24 Courgette


25 Denmark


26 Venus


27 Thunderball


28 Picasso


29 Skiing


30 Solent


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