Quiz 024


Hot & Cold Entertainment


1 On which TV game show was the Hot Spot first featured?


2 Life Got Cold in 2003 & Long Hot Summer in 2005 were hits for which girls group?


3 What does the film title Ice Cold In Alex refer to?


4 Born in 1937 which actress played Hotlips Hoolihan in the TV Series MASH?


5 Which song features the lyric “My shavin razor’s cold and it stings?




6 “Unless I am Very Much Mistaken” is the autobiography of which sports commentator?


7 Which team finished in fourth place in the 1990 World Cup and failed to qualify for the 1994 tournament?


8 Appropriately which horse won the Grand National in election year 1992?


9 What kind of animal is on top of rugby’s Calcutta Cup?


10 Could the best female high jumper clear a volleyball net?


Highs & Lows


11 Which family (John, Buck and Billy Blue Boy) owned the High Chaparral on TV?


12 Andy Fairweather Low was the lead singer of which group in the 60’s & 70’s?


13 Rob Lowe starred as Sam Seaborn in which US political TV series set in the White House?


14 In judo what is the lowest ranking belt colour?


15 According to a song in which US State is the “corn as high as an elephant’s eye”?




16 What was the real first name of the character played by Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee ?


17 Whose designer leisure wear carry the symbol of a crocodile?


18 Which ancient civilisation prayed to Sobek, the Crocodile God?


19 Which island group famous as a tax haven is named after a type of crocodile?


20 In Elton John’s Crocodile Rock what colour was his Chevy car?


Gambler’s Round


One point for each correct answer;Minus one point for each incorrect answer;


No points for not answering the question


21 Which British pop star mostly of the 80’s said I’d rather have a cup of tea than sex?


22 The seaside resort of Broadstairs is in which county?


23 Who became leader of the Liberal Party in 1976?


24 What colour is the berry of the coffee plant?


25 If you are facing the front door of 10 Downing Street, is No 11 on the left or the right?


26 Which prehistoric period followed the stone age?


27 Heston Blumenthal appears in ads for which supermarket?


28 Which comedian wrote the novel Gridlock?


29 In which country was Albert Einstein born?


30 In native American folklore which creature is the beast that walks like a man?





1 Strike It Lucky


2 Girls Aloud


3 Lager


4 Loretta Swit


5 Daydream Believer


6 Murray Walker


7 England


8 Party Politics


9 Elephant


10 No (2.24m is too high)


11 Cannon


12 Amen Corner


13 The West Wing


14 Yellow (White is a novice)


15 Oklahoma


16 Mick


17 Lacoste


18 Egyptians


19 Cayman Islands


20 Gold


21 Boy George


22 Kent


23 David Steel


24 Red


25 Left


26 Bronze Age


27 Waitrose


28 Ben Elton


29 Germany


30 Bear


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