Quiz 023




1 Founded in 1636 what is the oldest university in the USA?


2 During World War 2 how was William Joyce better known on the radio?


3 Who replaced Krushchev as head of the Soviet Union in 1964?


4 Which Scottish clan were massacred at the battle of Glencoe in 1692?


5 Woodentop was the first episode of which long running British police TV series in 1983?


British Sitcoms


6 What was the name of Alf Garnetts daughter played by Una Stubbs in Til Death Us Do Part?


7 What animal did Reggie Perrin think of every time his mother-in-law was mentioned?


8 Which character is Brendan O’Carroll best known for on TV?


9 What was the name of the slave played by Frankie Howerd in Up Pompeii?


10 What was the name of the minister played by Paul Eddington in Yes Minister?




11 What was the former name of the Indian city of Chennai?


12 Which city is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria?


13 The Azores islands in the Atlantic belong to which European country?


14 Which English county has the longest coastline?


15 What is the longest river in Ireland?




16 The holiday destination of Dominican Republic and which other country form the island of Hispaniola?


17 Where would you be holidaying if you landed at Marco Polo airport in Italy?


18 Butlin’s first holiday camp was in Skegness, where in Essex was his second?


19 Which of the Costas lies on the Spanish coast just north of Barcelona?


20 The holiday resort of Marmeris is in which country?


Gambler’s Round


One point for each correct answer; Minus one point for each incorrect answer:


No points for not answering the question


21 Which planet is 7th from the sun?


22 Who wrote the 1920 controversial novel Women In Love?


23 Who produced & directed a radio version of War of the Worlds in 1938 which caused widespread panic in the USA?


24 What ladies fashion item is Philip Treacy known for?


25 Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?


26 What did you have to do in an old fashioned phone box to get your money back?


27 Which city hosted the 1996 summer Olympics?


28 The musical Jersey Boys tells the story of which American group?


29 Which whole piece of fruit would you find in a Sussex Pond Pudding?

30 Which comedienne’s autobiography in 2006 was called Dear Fatty?





1 Harvard


2 Lord Haw haw


3 Brezhnev


4 MacDonald


5 The Bill


6 Rita


7 Hippopotamus


8 Mrs Brown


9 Lurcio


10 Jim Hacker


11 Madras


12 Melbourne


13 Portugal


14 Cornwall


15 Shannon


16 Haiti


17 Venice


18 Clacton


19 Costa Brava


20 Turkey


21 Uranus


22 D H Lawrence


23 Orson Welles


24 Hats


25 Geoffrey Chaucer


26 Press button B


27 Atlanta


28 Frankie Valli & the 4 seasons


29 Lemon


30 Dawn French


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