Quiz 022


1 In which newspaper cartoon would find the characters Marlon Boot Wellington & Maisie?

2 Ferdinand Marcos was elected President of which country in 1965?

3 Fitness expert Diana Moran was better known as what when she appeared on TV?

4 Name these people with the surname Charles- Actor who plays Lloyd in Coronation Stree/Singer who had #1 with I Love to Love in 1976/NZ Golfer; the 1st left hander to win a major

5 Which 2 actors have played Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars films?

6 Which religion calls outsiders “the English”?

7 What do pufflings grow up to be?

8 Which cricketer’s last 1st class cricket match was for Durham v Australia on 17th July 1993?

9 In a standard Monopoly set what colours are £20 & £50 notes?

10 In which decade was lethal injection introduced as a method of capital punishment in the USA?

11 Who played Jack Regan in the original Sweeney & who played him in the 2012 film?

12 Dorado is Spanish for what colour?

13 In Indian cooking what does keema mean?

14 On which island is the Royal residence Osborne House?

15 In which stage musicals do these characters appear?

Roxie Hart Frank N Furter Donna & the Dynamos

16 Which actress & TV presenter is the narrator on The Only Way Is Essex?

17 MO & ME are the abbreviations for which US States?

18 Who did Whitney Houston marry in 1992?

19 What day in the UK is normally on the 3rd Sunday in June?

20 Who wrote the classical music piece Fingal’s Cave?

21 New Moon Eclipse & Breaking Dawn are 3 of the titles in which series of books & films?

22 Who succeeded Henry Cooper as British heavyweight Boxing Champion?

23 Redcar was one of the locations used for which 2006 film?

24 Ben Miller plays Inspector Richard Poole in which BBC detective series?

25 What was the correct name for the Poll Tax introduced in 1990 by one of our great PM’s?

26 Which comedian claimed he was from Ballygobackwards?

27 Who played the title role in the film Red Sonja alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger?

28 Mr Rochester, Mrs Fairfax & John Reed are 3 characters from which classic novel?

29 Which car insurance company uses a version of America from West Side Story in its TV ads?

30 Which Australian bird is often referred to as the Laughing Jackas?


1 The Perishers

2 Philippines

3 Green Goddess

4 Craig/Tina/Bob

5 Alec Guiness/Ewan MacGregor

6 Amish

7 Puffins

8 Ian Botham

9 Green & Blue

10 Eighties (1982)

11 John Thaw/Ray Winstone

12 Gold

13 Minced meat

14 Isle of Wight

15 Chicago/Rocky Horror Picture Show/Mamma Mia!

16 Denise Van Outen

17 Missouri/Maine

18 Bobby Brown

19 Father’s day

20 Mendelssohn

21 Twilight

22 Joe Bugner

23 Atonement

24 Death In Paradise

25 Community Charge

26 Jimmy Cricket

27 Brigitte Neilson

28 Jane Eyre

29 Admiral

30 Kookaburra

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