Quiz 021


Hobbies & Leisure


1 What is the maximum number of players in a game of poker?


2 Which card game derive its name for the Spanish word for basket?


3 Which tourist attraction is next door to the Planetarium in London?


4 What was Maragarete Steiff famous for making?


5 In which month would you go to see the Trooping of the Colour?




6 Which of the 7 dwarfs had the longest name?


7 Which British animated film of the late 60s took place in Pepperland?


8 Princess Jasmine features in which Disney animated film of 1992?


9 Which animated character had a horse called Bullseye?


10 When you wish upon a star is from which film?


Around The World


11 What is the largest office building in the USA?


12 Victoria is the capital of which Canadian Province?


13 Which river separates the USA from Mexico?


14 Fuertaventura is in which group of islands?


15 Which African country used to be known as Bechuanaland?




16 Which country has won the most Rugby League World Cups?


17 Which English county team did Viv Richards play for?


18 Which former Liverpool player managed Southampton Galatasaray Torino & Rangers?


19 Who was the last American driver to win the F1 World Championship (1978)?


20 Alison Fisher is a former world champion at which indoor sport?


Gambler’s Round


One point for each correct answer


Minus one point for each incorrect answer


Zero points for not answering the question or “don’t know”


21 What type of creature was George supposed to be in Rainbow?


22 There are 3 types of heat transfer – radiation, convection and what other?


23 Mr & Mrs Michael Douglas sued which magazine for photographs taken without permission?


24 Which US actor’s middle name is Leroy?


25 Which metal did the Incas call the Tears of the Sun?


26 The film Black Hawk Down is about a raid by the USA into which African country?


27 Jake Ben & Karen Brockman are the 3 children in which TV comedy?


28 Which car manufacturer has a logo featuring a red cross and a green snake?


29 Scapa Flow is a body of water in which group of British islands?


30 A scratchplate is usually attached to which musical instrument?






1 Eight


2 Canasta


3 Mme Tussauds


4 Toy Bears


5 June


6 Bashful


7 Yellow Submarine


8 Aladdin


9 Woody in Toy Story


10 Pinocchio


11 Pentagon


12 British Columbia


13 Rio Grande


14 Canaries


15 Botswana


16 Australia


17 Somerset


18 Graeme Souness


19 Mario Andretti


20 Snooker


21 Hippo


22 Conduction


23 Hello


24 Samuel L Jackson


25 Gold


26 Somalia


27 Outnumbered


28 Alfa Romeo


29 Orkneys


30 Guitar


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