Quiz 018


Cats and Dogs


1 Who wrote the novel the Dogs of War?


2 Who was the female star of the 1965 film Cat Ballou?


3 Who wrote and sang the song Mad Dogs & Englishmen Go Out In The Morning Sun?


4 What was the name of the policeman that Top Cat & his gang were always trying to avoid?


5 What kind of dog was Roly in Eastenders?




6 When the pancreas of an animal is served as a dish what is it known as?


7 Star anise, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and fennel when mixed together is known as what?


8 Which famous chef has a company called Canary Catering?


9 What was known as the food of the gods in Greek mythology?


10 What is the name of the black bread from Westphalia in Germany?


The Answers In The Song


11 What was the name of the showgirl in Copacabana?


12 Vera Chuck & dave are the grandchildren in which Beatles song?


13 In Green Green Grass of Home who had hair of gold and lips like cherries?


14 In Rocket Man what time is zero hour?


15 In I Don’t Like Mondays what did the girl have in head that overloaded?


General Knowledge


16 Which acid forms in the muscles due to lack of oxygen and causes pain?


17 Which rock & roll star was killed in a car accident during a British tour in 19609?


18 Which 2 creatures are on the Coat of Arms of Australia?


19 After the Iraq war a pack of cards was used for the most wanted men – which card was Saddam?


20 What was the name of the donkey in the Winnie the Pooh stories?


21 What is Fred Flintstones favourite sport?


22 Name 2 countries that border Zimbabwe?


23 When The Duchess of Cambridge gives birth, how many great grandchildren will the queen have?


24 American John Hancock was the first person to sign what?


25 What are the top 3 most sparsely populated countries – people per square mile?


26 What was the surname of Sam in the TV series Cheers?


27 Hyperemesis Gravidarum is better known as what in certain women?


28 What is the home planet of Dr Who?


29 What was the only film to feature Henry & Jane Fonda?


30 Which South Korean car maker went bankrupt in 1999?






1 Frederick Forsyth


2 Jane Fonda


3 Noel Coward


4 Dibble


5 Poodle


6 Sweetbreads


7 5 spice powder


8 Delia Smith


9 Ambrosia


10 Pumpernickel


11 Lola


12 When I’m 64


13 Mary


14 9 a.m.


15 Silicon chip


16 Lactic acid


17 Eddie Cochran


18 Emu Kangaroo


19 Ace of Spades


20 Eeyore


21 Ten Pin Bowling


22 S Africa Zambia Botswana Mozambique


23 Three


24 Declaration of Independence


25 Mongolia Canada Australia


26 Malone


27 Morning Sickness


28 Gallifrey


29 On Golden Pond


30 Daewoo


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