Quiz 017


1 Which board game features a broken heart, a wishbone, a bread basket & spare ribs?


2 At the first Glastonbury Festival, how much did a ticket cost – Nothing, £1, £5 or £10?


3 Which British defence secretary resigned from Thatcher’s government over the Westland Affair?


4 Apart from the first one, can you name the other 4 Dirty Harry films?


5 Which musical instrument did Caroline Corr play?


6 In which US State was the first atomic bomb detonated?


7 After being hung drawn & quartered whose limbs were displayed separately in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling & Perth?


8 In which year did Queen Victoria celebrate her Diamond Jubilee?


9 Laura Robson won the Girls Singles title at Wimbledon in 2008, the previous British winner was in 1982 – who was it?


10 With which cartoon character do you associate the phrase “By the power of Greyskull”?


11 Montezuma II was one of the last kings of which race of people?


12 In the rhyme What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor, what do you do to make him sober?


13 Which of Shakespeare’s plays was a proverb before it was the title of a play?


14 What did red indians (native Americans) call whisky?


15 Which 3 actors have played Jack Ryan on film?


16 Who was the last Beatle to get married?


17 The historical area known as Flanders was made up areas from which 3 countries?


18 In the Batman series of films, who played the following villains?


The Joker (1989) Penguin (1992) Poison Ivy (1997)


19 What piece of equipment do you need to go round the world, walk the dog & rock the baby?


20 What were the first names of Mulder & Scully in the X Files?


21 Which stage musical was the sequel to Phantom of the Opera?


22 In the dice game of craps what is double one known as?


23 For 200 years between 1600 & 1800, 3 names accounted for 50% of girls – which 3?


24 In which months are VE Day & VJ Day celebrated?


25 What kind of soup did 10cc think life is?


26 Wisteria Lane features in which TV series?


27 Who did Cassius Clay beat to win his first Heavyweight Boxing World Title?


28 According to Tony Orlando & Dawn in 1971 what do you have to do on the ceiling if you want me?


29 Which element makes stainless steel stainless?


The oxide of which element is the main ingredient of calamine lotion?


30 Whose first wedding dress is going to auction this week?






1 Operation


2 £1.00


3 Michael Hesletine


4 Sudden Impact, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, The Dead Pool


5 Drums


6 New Mexico


7 William Wallace


8 1897


9 Annabel Croft


10 He Man


11 Aztecs


12 Put him in a longboat


13 All’s Well That Ends Well


14 Firewater


15 Alec Baldwin Harrison Ford Ben Affleck


16 Paul


17 France Belgium Netherlands


18 Jack Nicholson Danny De Vito Uma Thurman


19 Yo-yo


20 Fox & Dana


21 Love Never Dies


22 Snake Eyes


23 Anne Mary Elizabeth


24 May & August


25 Minestrone


26 Desperate Housewives


27 Sonny Liston


28 Knock 3 times


29 Chromium Zinc


30 Elizabeth Taylor


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