Quiz 016


1 Which time piece has the least number of moving parts?

2 Which film musical featured the song Springtime For Hitler?

3 In which TV game show did the contestants have ” the time it takes for the board to revolve to decide”?

4 On November 19th 1994 Noel Edmonds asked Deborah Walsh to do what for the 1st time?

5 Which drink was advertised with the slogan “Time to make a sharp exit”?

Classic Sitcoms

6 Fenner Fashions was the setting for which sitcom starring Miriam Karlin & Reg Varney?

7 Who was the head of the men’s department in the first few series of Are You Being Served?

8 What was the surname of George & Mildred?

9 In which Essex town was Birds of a Feather set?

10 When Fawlty Towers was shown in Spain what nationality was Manuel?


11 In Ancient Rome what took place in the Circus Maximus?

12 Who was US President when the Vietnam War ended in 1975?

13 Which nurse was shot a spy by a German firing squad during WW1?

14 Bucephalus was the name of which famous king’s horse?

15 Which battle was fought near Stirling in June 1314


16 In the Wimbledon Men’s Singles final what was played for the first time in 1973?

17 Justin Rose has just won the US Open, who was the last Englishman to win it before him?

18 Which country’s sports teams have Hellas on their sportswear?

19 Who is currently World Snooker No 1 in the rankings?

20 Name either of the 2 events Jessica Ennis actually won to get her heptathlon gold?

Dance” Music

21 Which song did David Bowie & Mick Jagger take to number one in 1985?

22 Which singer sang of Murder on the Dance Floor in 2001?

23 Who sang about Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear in 1967?

24 Which group were in the mood for dancing in 1979?

25 Who was Dancing on the Ceiling in 1986?


26 Which company produced the Amiga range of computers in the 90’s?

27 Hg is the symbol for which chemical element?

28 Trevor Baylis is most famous for inventing what in the 90s?

29 What is the name of Stephen Hawking’s biggest selling book?

30 What is ascorbic acid better known as?


1 Sundial

2 The Producers

3 Bullseye

4 Start the lottery draw

5 Harp lager

6 The Rag Trade

7 Mr Grainger

8 Roper

9 Chigwell

10 Italian

11 Chariot Races

12 Gerald Ford

13 Edith Cavell

14 Alexander the Great

15 Bannockburn

16 Tie break

17 Tony Jacklin

18 Greece

19 Mark Selby

20 100m & 800m

21 Dancing in the Street

22 Sophie Ellis Bextor

23 Alan Price

24 Nolans

25 Lionel Ritchie

26 Commodore

27 Mercury

28 Clockwork radio

29 A Brief History of Time

30 Vitamin C

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