Quiz 014

1 In terms of animal behaviour what is the opposite of diurnal?

2 Which 2 parts of the bull are awarded to a matador if he’s good?

3 In Top Gear there is a famous segment known as Star in a what?

4 On an Ordnance Survey map what does a flag indicate?

On an Ordnance Survey map what do crossed swords indicate?

5 Who was the first person to see moon craters in a telescope?

6 Which of the Teletubbies is an Italian river?

7 What was the capital of India before Delhi?

8 Who is the current First Lord of the Treasury?

9 What do you need to play a game of Pinochle?

10 Which 2 cities are at opposite ends of the current Route 66 in the USA?

11 What was the name of David Bowie’s backing band when he appeared as Ziggy Stardust?

12 What is the second question asked of the contestants on Mastermind?

13 Yankee Doodle Dandy gave which actor his only Oscar?

14 Which Scottish county is a boy’s name?

15 What are the 4 largest of the Balearic Islands?

16 Pepe Le Pew is what type of cartoon animal?

17 What are the 3 US States with only 5 letters?

18 Which 1965 film featured Lara’s Theme composed by Michel Jarre?

19 Which Windows operating system was the first to feature the year in which it was released?

20 Who won Britain’s Got Talent when Susan Boyle came second?

21 Which American first orbited the Earth in Friendship 7?

22 Which American artist’s studio was known as the Factory?

23 Who had top hits with these fruity songs?

Blackberry Way (1968) Banana Republic (1980) Blueberry Hill (1956)

24 Which 2 girl’s names appear in the titles of songs on the Beatles Sgt Pepper album?

25 What item of clothing was advertised by Eva Herzagovia with the line “Hello Boys”?

26 Discovery & Terra Nova were the 2 ships used by which British explorer?

27 Which European country was known by the Romans as Lusitania?

28 What are the 3 colours on the flag of Bulgaria?

29 Which toy derives its name form the Danish for play well?

30 What are the 5 events in a Modern Pentathlon?


1 Nocturnal

2 Ears & tail

3 Reasonably priced car

4 Golf course & Battlefield

5 Galileo

6 Po

7 Calcutta

8 David Cameron

9 Deck of cards

10 Chicago & Santa Monica

11 Spiders from Mars

12 And your occupation?

13 James Cagney

14 Angus

15 Majorca Minorca Ibiza Formentera

16 Skunk

17 Texas Maine Idaho

18 Dr Zhivago

19 Windows 95

20 Diversity

21 John Glenn

22 Andy Warhol

23 Move Boomtown Rats Fats Domino

24 Lucy & Rita

25 Wonder Bra

26 Captain Scott

27 Portugal

28 Green White & Red

29 Lego

30 Fencing Swimming Show Jumping Pistol Shooting & Cross Country

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