Quiz 012

1 Where in the UK would you find Nemesis, Oblivion, Smiler & Thirteen?

2 In the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who played the toymaker & the child catcher?

3 Which army bugle call is often heard at funerals but originally just meant the end of the day?

4 In computing terms what does P2P mean?

5 Ice cream covered in meringue and browned in the oven briefly is called what?

6 Name either of the 2 presenters used on the TV quiz Eggheads

7 Which month as we know it was the ninth month in the Roman calendar?

8 What word can go before business, down, room & case to make 4 other words?

9 With which mode of transport do you associate the Montgolfier brothers?

10 Which campaign of the 60s advocated working an extra 30 minutes for no pay?

11 What is the highest denomination of banknote in Monopoly?

12 In December of 1952 what killed around 4000 people in London?

13 What is the name of the computer that selects winning Premium Bonds?

14 In the TV series Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), how did Hopkirk die?

15 What are the 4 Dan Brown novels featuring the character Robert Langdon?

16 In which sport might you find a spike followed by a dig?

17 Who had hits with these Saturday songs?

      Saturday Night At The Movies (1972) Saturday Night (1994) Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting (1973)

18 The scene where Marilyn Monroe’s white dress is blown up around her is from which film?

19 What is the second longest river in Africa?

20 In which borough of New York is Central Park?

21 In which century was Scotland joined with England by the Acts of Union?

22 In which century did England & Wales form a union?

23 What was the character name of the transvestite character in MASH?

24 If 2 of the angles of a triangle are 47° and 53° what is the size of the 3rd angle?

25 What is hydroponics?

26 What was the name of the paranoid android in Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?

27 What type of fish is used in making Worcestershire Sauce?

28 Who was the presenter of the Great British Sewing Bee?

29 Which company produces the Vaio range of laptops?

30 What 6 fruits & nuts would you find in Kellog’s Fruit & Fibre according to its advertising?


1 Alton Towers

2 Benny Hill Robert Helpmann

3 Last post

4 Peer to peer

5 Baked Alaska

6 Dermot Murnaghan & Jeremy Vine

7 November

8 Showg

9 Hot air balloon

10 I’m Backing Britain

11 £500

12 Smog


14 Run down by a car

15 Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons,

The Lost Symbol, Inferno

16 Volleyball

17 Drifters Whigfield Elton John

18 The 7 Year Itch

19 Congo

20 Manhattan

21 18th (1707)

22 16th (1542)

23 Corporal Klinger

24 80°

25 Growing plants in water – no soil

26 Marvin

27 Anchovies

28 Claudia Winkelman

29 Sony

30 Apples Hazelnuts Coconuts

      Raisins Sultanas Bananas

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