Quiz 011

Foot & Mouth

1              For which film did Daniel Day Lewis win his first Oscar?

2              The mouth of the River Plate separates Argentina from which other country?

3              Michael Foot was elected Labour Party leader in 1980, who did he succeed?

4              Which sea creature, originally thought to be a plant, has no head, mouth or internal organs?

5              A broken shackle representing the end of tyranny lies at the feet of which famous statue?

Around the Compass

6              Which river marked the southern boundary of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria?

7              Which actor who’s married to Prunella Scales played Eric Babbage in Coronation Street this year?

8              Which South American country does Easter Island belong to?

9              In which Hitchcock film is Cary Grant famously chased by a crop dusting plane?

10           Which pop group took their name from the postal area for Walthamstow?

Trouble Spots

11           The Bay of Pigs was the location of a disastrous attempt to invade which country in 1962?

12           At which Ugandan airport was a hijacked Air France airliner stormed in 1976?

13           Who was Argentinian President during the Falklands War in 1982?

14           How long did the Arab Israeli War in 1967 last?

15           Biafra was a breakaway state from which African country?


16           What was the name of the gypsy dancer in the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

17           Which dance of the Sixties originated at the Peppermint Lounge in New York?

18           Which dance was performed by Salome in the first century AD?

19           Which ballet dancer famously danced with Princess Diana at a Covent Garden party in 1985?

20           Which American singer was Dancing on the Ceiling in 1986?


21           In which 70’s TV series did Rock Hudson play a San Francisco Police Commissioner?

22           Which type of rock, often found around volcanoes, floats on water?

23           Which rock & roll singer shocked Britain in 1958 when he arrived with his 13 year old wife?

24           Which famous ancient piece of rock was the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics?

25           The Bishop’s Rock Lighthouse is off the coast of which English county?

Multiple Choice

26           If the Edward VIII hadn’t abdicated, in which year would Elizabeth have become Queen – 1952,1962 or 1972?

27           In which year did the UK give Hong Kong back to China – 1997, 1998 or 1999?

28           Which characters speak in the Oddle Poddle language – Bill & Ben, Teletubbies or Tweenies?

29           What is stored in a humidor – cigars, cheese or pastries?

30           Which board game was invented by a Pratt – Monopoly, Scrabble or Cluedo?



1              My Left Foot

2              Uruguay

3              James Callaghan

4              Sponge

5              Statue of Liberty

6              Humber

7              Timothy West

8              Chile

9              North By North West

10           East 17

11           Cuba

12           Entebbe

13           Galtieri

14           6 days

15           Nigeria

16           Esmerelda

17           Twist

18           Dance of the 7 Veils

19           Wayne Sleep

20           Lionel Richie

21           MacMillan & Wife

22           Pumice

23           Jerry Lee Lewis

24           Rosetta Stone

25           Cornwall

26           1972

27           1997

28           Bill & Ben

29           Cigars

30           Cluedo

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