Quiz 010


1 On which thoroughfare does the bank of England stand?

2 Which bank collapsed as a result of the dealings of Nick Leeson?

3 Which TV series was presented by Selena Scott & Jeff Banks in the 80’s & 90’s?

4 Gringotts is the name of the bank in which series of books?

5 Gambler Joseph Jagger was best known by which nickname?


6 Which Harlequins rugby player became England’s youngest captain in 1988 aged 22?

7 Which alcoholic drink translated into English is Aunt Mary?

8 Which cocktail was the title of a 1988 Mel Gibson film?

9 What is the capital of the Falklands Islands?

10 Which Latin American dance originated in the 1890’s in Argentina?


11 Which cowboy film centres around a train arriving in the town of Hadleyville?

12 Skytrain which flew between London Gatwick & New York was set up by who in the 70’s?

13 The Reverend W Audry wrote which train based stories?

14 Which song contains the lyric “You can be there by 4.30,Cos I made your reservation”?

15 The General was the name of the train in a 1927 film by which silent screen comedian?


16 Which group had a number one with the song Spirit In The Sky in 1986?

17 Who wrote the 1896 novel The Island of Dr Moreau & the Time Machine?

18 Which title of which 60’s TV series is the Swahili word for doctor?

19 In the days of sailing ships who often acted as the ship’s doctor?

20 Which actor starred in Doctor at Large Robins Nest & Me & My Girl

Wales & the Welsh

21 Anthony Hopkins was the narrator of which Jim Carrey Christmas film?

22 In Wales many place names begin with Llan- what does it mean?

23 If you asked for cwrw (koo-roo) in Wales what would you be served?

24 Trinity House is responsible for the care & maintenance of what in England & Wales?

25 Welsh singer Michael Barratt, the biggest selling singer of the 80’s, is better known as who?


26 Which weapon in Cluedo is the name of a park in San Francisco?

27 Which wild west frontiersman called his rifle Old Betsey?

28 Where would you find the cannon known as Mons Meg?

29 Which Beatles album features Eleanor Rigby & Taxman?

30 Which weapon gets its name from the French for pomegranate?


1 Threadneedle Street

2 Barings

3 The Clothes Show

4 Harry Potter

5 The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

6 Will Carling

7 Tia Maria

8 Tequila Sunrise

9 Port Stanley

10 Tango

11 High Noon

12 Freddie Laker

13 Thomas the Tank Engine

14 Last Train To Clarksville

15 Buster Keaton

16 Doctor & the Medics

17 H G Wells

18 Daktari

19 Cook

20 Richard O’Sullivan

21 The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

22 Church

23 Beer

24 Lighthouses

25 Shakin Stevens

26 Candlestick

27 Davy Crockett

28 Edinburgh castle

29 Revolver

30 Grenade

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