Quiz 009

1 Which fashion designer was shot outside his home in Miami in 1997?

   Which British fashion designer took his own life by hanging in February 2010?

2 In which London Borough is the O2 Arena?

3 Which brothers (Brian & Jimmy) played for Man Utd in the 1977 FA Cup Final?

4 Which classic novel is about King Rudolph 5th of Ruritania?

5 Which 2 Lottery shows does Nick Knowles present?

6 Which jockey won the Derby on Authorised in 2007, his first win in 15 attempts?

7 Which game bird has UK variants called Common, Golden & Lady Amhearst’s?

8 What is the English translation of the Welsh word Heddlu?

9 What was the name of Captain Hook’s ship in Peter Pan?

What was the name of Captain Pugwash’s ship?

10 Which 4 countries share a land border with Pakistan?

11 Which coin in use until 1662 was worth 4 pence?

12 How many survivors were there in the original Poseidon Adventure – 4,5 or 6?

13 Diane Leather in 1954 was the first woman to beat which time for the women’s mile?

14 Which quote from Genesis is the title of James Dean’s first film?

15 Which singer was played by Jamie Foxx in a film of his life?

     Which singer was played by Angela Bassett in a film of her life?

16 Which police force was awarded the George Cross in 1999?

17 Cynthia Powell married which music legend in 1962?

     Maureen Cox married which music legend in 1965?

18 Which gas did Henry Cavendish call inflammable air when he discovered it?

19 Which American city is known as the city of brotherly love?

20 Which TV series features Leonard Sheldon Howard & Raj?

21 The trolley Song is featured in which Judy Garland film?

22 What are the 3 colours on the flag of Romania?

23 Which comic strip was created by Charles Schultz?

24 According the Dad’s Army theme song what time train does Mr Brown catch to go to town?

25 In which US State is Kansas City?

26 Who this year became the 4th England cricketer to take 300 test wickets?

27 What is the name of the van used by Scooby Doo & friends?

28 Which building is located at postcode SW1A 1AA?

29 In Monopoly which property goes with Pall Mall & Whitehall?

30 Can you name the things that Right Said Fred were too sexy for – one point for each?


1 Gianni Versace & Alexander McQueen

2 Greenwich

3 Greenhof

4 The Prisoner of Zenda

5 Who Dares Wins & Secret Fortune

6 Frankie Dettori

7 Pheasant

8 Police

9 Jolly Roger & Black Pig

10 Afghanistan India China & Iran

11 Groat

12 Six

13 5 minutes

14 East of Eden (Ch 4 V 16)

15 Ray Charles & Tina Turner

16 RUC

17 John Lennon & Ringo Starr

18 Hydrogen

19 Philadelphia

20 Big Bang Theory

21 Meet Me In St Louis

22 Blue Red Yellow (or Gold)

23 Peanuts

24 The 8.21

25 Missouri

26 James Anderson

27 Mystery Machine

28 Buckingham Palace

29 Northumberland Avenue

30 My Love My Shirt Milan Your Party My Car My Hat New York Japan My Cat This Song

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  1. Good quiz hope for more

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