Quiz 007


1 Which island in the Pacific exploded in 1883 due to a massive volcano?

2 Which island did Turkey invade in 1974?

3 Which Greek Mediterranean island is the largest of the Ionian Islands?

4 To which European country does Madiera belong?

5 Which island’s Parliament is known as the Tynwald?

Pussy Galore

6 What was the name of the cat that survived with Ripley in the film Alien?

7 Which winner of I’m A Celebrity was known as the Cat?

8 Who plays Kat Slater in Eastenders?

9 Which address has had famous cats called Humphrey Sybil Freya & Larry?

10 Which cartoon cat made his film début in 1927?

Animal World

11 Which sea creature comes in Spiny & Rock varieties?

12 Which fish found in British waters is the largest of the flatfish?

13 Which black & yellow beetle is the most destructive to the potato plant?

14 A leveret is the young of which creature?

15 If bovine related to cows , what does ovine refer to?

Arts and Crafts

16 In which European country did Delft porcelain originate?

17 Sheraton & Hepplewhite in the 1700’s were famous makers of what?

18 What is the Japanese art of ikebana?

19 Which craft gets its name from the French word for hook?

20 What is the name of the famous Cornish pottery studio named after the Russian for 3?


21 Which Welsh player was the first UK based player to be transferred to a foreign club?

22 Which famous golf course is located in Virginia Water Surrey?

23 Which sporting hero was born in Kilkenny in 1965, his mother was called Mared & he died in 1995?

24 Which sport was first played at Wembley in 1983?

25 In which sport is a somersault with two and a half twists called a Rudolph?

Cash Connection

26 What was the name of the mail service that ran from Missouri to California in 1860?

27 Which annual race is run over 7,810 yards with a maximum of 40 participants?

28 Which naked woman was the original Peeping Tom watching in the 13th Century?

29 Which character was played by Gil Gerard on TV in the year 2491?

30 At what time did the Chattanooga Choo Choo leave Pennsylvania Station?


1 Krakatoa

2 Cyprus

3 Corfu

4 Portugal

5 Isle of Man

6 Jones

7 Phil Tufnell

8 Jessie Wallace

9 10 Downing Street

10 Felix

11 Lobster

12 Halibut

13 Colorado Beetle

14 Hare

15 Sheep

16 Netherlands

17 Furniture

18 Flower arranging

19 Crochet

20 Troika

21 John Charles

22 Wentworth

23 Red Rum

24 American Football

25 Trampolining

26 PONY Express

27 GRAND National


29 BUCK Rogers

30 QUARTER to 4

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