Quiz 004


1 What is the 8th planet from the sun?

2 In M*A*S*H* what was Margaret Houlihan’s nickname?

3 The milk of which animal goes into mozzarella cheese?

4 In which sitcom did the main characters go to Scumbag University?

5 Apart from England which other 3 European countries have played in the Cricket World Cup?

6 John Bonham Jimmy Paige John Paul Jones & Robert Plant were the original members of which group?

7 What was Schubert’s 8th Symphony better known as?

8 Ars Gratia Artis is on the logo of which Hollywood film company?

9 Which royal couple split up on 19th March 1992?

10 Your weight in kilos divided by your height in metres squared gives you what health measure?

11 From which 2 countries were Ban Ki Moon & Kofi Annan the last 2 UN Secretary Generals?

12 In English what does BMW stand for?

13 In which Italian city is Romeo & Juliet set?

14 In which branch of the arts is Barbara Hepworth famous?

15 What are the only 5 elements with 4 letters in their name?

16 What is the only US State with only one syllable in its name?

17 The Palm D’Or is the top prize at which film event?

18 What powered the Warp drive on the starship Enterprise?

19 Which Dutch Queen has abdicated this week in favour of her son?

20 Which credit card was your flexible friend?

     What’s the worst that can happen advertised which drink?

     Which retail chain is never knowingly undersold?

21 Which writer holds the record for the most novels written in a single year?

22 Who are the 2 male stars of the new comedy Vicious?

23 Which classic film comedy ends with the line “Well nobody’s perfect”?

24 What is the capital of North Korea?

25 In WW2 what was Operation Dynamo?

26 What are the first names of the Chuckle Brothers?

27 What is the name of the Spanish or Portuguese tomato based soup served cold?

28 In which city did the Yorkshire Ripper live?

29 Which TV series featured a little pampered dog called Tricki Woo?

     What type of dog was Uggie the dog featured in the Oscar winning film The Artist?

30 In which film did John Wayne play the Ringo Kid?

     Who played the Rumpo Kid in carry On Cowboy?

     Who played the Waco Kid in Blazing Saddles?


1 Neptune

2 Hotlips

3 Buffalo

4 The Young Ones

5 Scotland, Ireland & Holland

6 Led Zeppelin

7 Unfinished


9 Andrew & Sarah

10 BMI (Body Mass Index)

11 South Korea & Ghana

12 Bavarian Motor Works

13 Verona

14 Sculpture

15 Gold Iron Zinc Neon Lead

16 Maine

17 Cannes Film Festival

18 Dilithium crystals

19 Beatrix

20 Access

     Dr Pepper

     John Lewis

21 Barbara Cartland

23 Some Like It Hot

22 Ian McKellen Derek Jacobi

23 Some Like It Hot

24 Pyongyang

25 Dunkirk evacuation

26 Paul & Barry

27 Gazpacho

28 Bradford

29 All Creatures Great and Small

     Jack Russell

30 Stagecoach

     Sid James

     Gene Wilder

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